BAD NEWS For Democrats: Tucker Carlson’s Fox News Show Has Highest Ratings Ever For Cable News Show…Younger Viewers Give Ratings Big Boost

By: 100 Percent FED Up

Last week, CNN, the cable news network with ratings that in the basement, mocked Fox News’ Tucker Carlson, after far-left CEO’s of major companies pulled their advertisements from his show for daring to expose the truth about the Black Lives Matter movement and to question their motives.


CNN wrote:


“Bye-bye Tucker Carlson!” T-Mobile CEO Mike Sievert tweeted earlier this week in response to consumers who criticized the advertisers on Carlson’s show.


Sievert said on Twitter that T-Mobile hasn’t bought any air time on “Tucker Carlson Tonight” for “about a month, and we won’t be in the future, either.”


Carlson’s Fox News show has once again become a target of critics and a no-go zone for some advertisers. Liberal groups have called out Carlson’s advertisers and encouraged customers to take action.


CNN added:


The latest ad boycott effort has caused new headaches inside Fox, according to sources at the network. It is unclear if the impact is more or less significant than past campaigns against Carlson.


Based on the latest ratings for cable news networks, like Fox News, who stood by Tucker Carlson’s right to act like a journalist and not a sniveling propagandist for the Democrat Party, is having the last laugh.


Outkick – This week, it was announced that Tucker Carlson Tonight recorded the highest-rated quarter for a cable news show ever. That statistic was overlooked by Fox News detractors who claim the channel’s audience is old, dying off, and not built for the future. That has long been the narrative for the channel. No one is going to deny the channel has millions of viewers over 60. However, the data quickly debunks the notion that the channel and its hosts are not popular with the younger, key demographics. It states the opposite.


As was the case in total viewership, Fox News led by Carlson, dwarfed the competition in the 25-54 demo.

1- Tucker Carlson Tonight (791,000), Fox News
2- Hannity (754,000), Fox News
3- Special Report (668,00), Fox News
4- The Five (655,000), Fox News
5- The Ingraham Angle (655,000), Fox News
6- The Story (603,000), Fox News
7- Cuomo Prime Time (587,000), CNN
8- Anderson Cooper 360 (568,000), CNN
9- CNN Tonight (524,000), CNN
10- Erin Burnett OutFront (502,00), CNN


For some context, Carlson’s average is more than what sports shows, which tend to have a younger audience, draw in total viewership.


The demographic of adults ages 25-54 is the primary focus for most advertisers. The age group is deemed impressionable to new products by cable news sponsors. If you think the viewership is backloaded, chop off the last five years and extend the criteria down to 18. Carlson won the valued 18-48 demographic by an equitable margin.


Tucker Carlson’s honest reporting about the Black Lives Matter movement isn’t about targeting Democrats, it’s about exposing the Marxist movement. Earlier this week, Carlson destroyed Republican Senator Mike Braun (IN) during one of his segments for his support of BLM and his bill to scale back immunity:



Fake News CNN, who can’t even beat the ratings for re-runs of Sponge Bob Squarepants, might want to consider taking a shot at real journalism, they might even pick up a few viewers along the way…


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