“You Work For Me! I’m A Taxpayer!”: Fmr-ICE Director Embarrasses Democrat Congresswoman During Public Hearing – Watch

Opinion| ICYMI| Former Immigration and Customs Enforcement, Tom Homan has testified many times before congressional committees. Never has Tom been bashful or shy about sticking up for himself when the Democrats try to throw him under the bus or attack his character of the job he did/ICE is doing.


Horman has been a strong defender of President Trump and his border policies for sometime now, and has been one of the people out on the front lines, countering the media narrative.


In this clip, the former director rips into Democratic Representative from Washington, whose district includes a large part of Seattle, the apparent homebase of Antifia.


Rep Jayapal is no stranger to pushing for policies that, in my opinion, would lead to the end of US sovereignty and ultimately the end of sovereignty globally.


Horman is clearly not going to have this, and goes into an epic rant for the ages.


Below is the video of Ex-Director Horman, during a heated exchange over ICE detention facilities, ripping Ms. Jayapal and new …. well, just watch and see:


WATCH the full video here:


How great was that!

Fully schooled those fools!


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