WHOA… Cities Who Defund The Police Will Experience Economic Collapse After Truckers Vow To Stop Delivering Freight

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According to CDLLife.com, which is apparently the bible for over the road truckers, “seventy-seven percent of truck drivers say they will refuse to deliver freight to cities with defunded police departments.”

(CDLLife.com) Truck driving is historically ranked as one of the most dangerous jobs in the country. In 2018, U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported truck driving as the most deadly job in the country.

Truck drivers have spent the last year on the front line of a global pandemic and protests. Now many are fearful of what might happen if police departments disband or are defunded.


Truck drivers have been voicing their concerns on the CDLLife App. After reading about their concerns, CDLLife posted a poll on the app.

We asked drivers on the app, “Would you pick up/deliver to cities with defunded or disbanded police departments? Why or why not?”

As of June 13, 2020, we’ve had over 1,283 respondents and 79% say they will refuse loads to cities with disbanded or defunded police departments.

“This is not an area you need to act fearless and think you’d look like a fool for saying no…Imagine what kind of fool you look like for driving into a hotspot and putting your life in danger.” – Anonymous Respondent


Truckers have been putting themselves at risk of contracting the CCP virus in order to deliver food stocks and other necessities to their fellow Americans while the rest of our citizens were ordered into lockdown. Thank God for their courage…


(This Too Shall Pass) Thankfully as a nation this crisis is causing us to reevaluate our priorities: faith, family, community and freedom; and seeing the easy dispatch of liberty also reignites that oft forgotten flickering flame…


Journalists are less important than janitors. Our nation’s best athletes are healthcare workers rushing to assist those in need. The true heroes are not celebrities, but rather farmers, truck drivers, stock clerks, and supermarket cashiers.


The most valuable businesses do not glitter or present themselves with self-congratulatory award shows; they do today what they have always done to keep our food supply flowing. Perhaps now, at least for a few short weeks, we stop taking them for granted.


Blue city liberals may want to rethink their myopic obsession with the police, lest their citizens be forced to rethink their own myopic obsession eating. Truckers love Trump…


Video begins at the 41:45 mark:


From Conservative Treehouse:

Ho-Lee-Cats: Freight Haulers Order 450,000 New MAGAnomic Big Rigs in 2018 – Backlog for Delivery Extends into 2019….

Freight hauling trucks are like the lymphatic system within a healthy economy. As the economy writ large needs to move stuff around, it’s the truckers who git-r-done; and no time in U.S. economic history has there been such a demand for haulers.

In a stunning Wall Street Journal report they note Analyst group ACT Research says manufacturers are on track for 450,000 orders for heavy-duty trucks this year, easily breaking a 14-year-old record. In July alone, North American fleets ordered more than 52,000 trucks, the largest order in history. Whoot, Whoot !!



The radical left really needs to think tactically about which side has the REAL power in this confrontation. Yes, the left has the media, Hollywood, the banks and mega-globalist-corporations, but the right has the vets, the men and women who know how to ‘skin a buck and run a trout line’ as well as one other thing the left doesn’t … THE GUNS.

The Country, boys, will survive … because the country boys will survive.


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