What The Dems Won’t Tell You About Iowa’s Caucus: Three Clinton Campaign Managers Ran Firm That Tanked Last Night’s Iowa Caucuses According to Report

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Opinion| Lawrence David| Why do we not find this the least bit surprising? In the Democrats’ universe governed by Clinton corruption we’ve actually come to expect it:


(Chuck Ross – Daily CallerThe firm behind the phone app that caused delays in reporting the results of the Iowa Democratic caucus is operated by three Hillary Clinton campaign veterans…

… The CEO of Shadow Inc., Gerard Niemira, was the director of product on Clinton’s campaign, his LinkedIn profile says.


Ahna Rao, the product manager for Shadow Inc., was the special assistant to the chief technology officer on Clinton’s campaign, according to her LinkedIn profile.

Krista Davis, the chief technology officer at Shadow, was a software engineer on Clinton’s campaign, according to her LinkedIn profile.

The bet here is we haven’t seen the last of Hillary Clinton.


Hopefully it’ll be while she is frog-walked into a waiting paddy wagon while in leg irons and her housecoat.

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