What Comes Next May Ruin the Democratic Party After Trump’s Team Dismantles Schiff

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OPINION | Lawrence David | Senators have now sat through four days of Democrat Schiff.  Four days listening to assumptions, innuendo, and lies. The only thing the Schiff show didn’t present were facts.


After ten weeks of being blacked out from defending POTUS in a process absent any due process at all, President Trump’s legal team needed only two hours to blow huge holes in the Democrat House managers’ case.

Ten weeks of secret testimony followed by selected leaks to feed the mainstream media Marxist narratives, ignoring mountains of exculpatory evidence to maintain those false narratives, and outright lies by Democrat “inquirers,” President Trump’s legal team were finally able to defend their client in a neutral forum.


White House counsel Pat Cipollone made clear from the outset that the president’s legal team would be able to make the defense’s case quickly and without being repetitive:

“You heard the House managers speak for nearly 24 hours over three days.  We don’t anticipate using that much time.”

“We don’t believe that they have come anywhere close to meeting their burden for what they are asking you to do.” 


“We believe that when you hear the facts, and that’s what  we intend to cover today – the facts – you will find that the president did absolutely nothing wrong.”

Cipollone then turned the podium over to the Deputy Counsel to the President, Mike Purpura whose 34-minute presentation of the facts undermined 24 hours – and ten weeks – of Democrat and mainstream media Bull-Schiff.

Purpura used the House managers’ own words to dismantle their impeachment charges.


Purpura“Once you sweep away all of the bluster and innuendo, the selective leakes, the closed-door examinations of the Democrats hand-picked witnesses, the staged public hearings, what we’re left with are six key facts that have not changed and will not change.”

Trump’s Deputy Counsel used six slides to drive home the salient facts that exculpates the president and casts Schiff as a lying narrative engineer:

President Trump has, for months, repeatedly taken to Twitter asking his followers to read the transcript:




It’s incredulous that President Trump could be guilty of bribing or extorting the president of a foreign government if the foreign president had no idea he was being bribed or extorted.

Quid pro quo.  This for that. There was neither a this or a that.

Purpura“The real transcript.  If that were the only evidence we had, it would be enough to show that the Democrats’ entire theory is completely unfound.”

Republican Senators James Lankford and Mike Braun appeared on Fox News with Judge Jeanine Pirro last night.  Both Lankford and Braun left the two-hour defense opening session believing it was strong enough to deconstruct three days of fabricated and manipulated evidence from the House.

Senator Lankford “I’m an old school fan of Paul Harvey.  He used to talk about the rest of the story.  What I come back to, from Proverbs 18:17, that famous proverb says in a lawsuit, the first to make his case seems right until they are cross-examined.  

“Today was the first day of actual cross-examination.

“Before we got stories and fiction, historical fiction for the last three day from the House managers saying little bits and facts with a whole lot of fiction speculation.


“Today, piece after piece of the rest of the story, over and over again…

“… Very fact-based and very concise.”

The president’s defense probably could have rested at that point and asked for a vote to dismiss, but they went on to explain why the Democrats’ demand for witnesses is fatally flawed.

Deputy Counsel to the President, Patrick Philbin explained to the Senators why it was not their job, and in fact it would they would lack legal standing, to hear from witnesses since the House never formally voted to impeach President Trump.

(CTH) Several days ago we anticipated a potentially important point we hoped would start the impeachment defense for President Donald Trump.   Today, attorney Patrick Philbin delivered. The issue is a critical constitutional component that needed emphasis, and it is good to see pundits finally starting to realize the significance.


White House Counsel Patrick Philbin explains why House subpoenas were illegitimate: the subpoena power was never authorized; the initiating subpoena power was never voted on.

Without the official vote to impeach, the House has no subpoena power over the Executive Branch.  If they possessed subpoena power without passing a vote to impeach, the president would be forever subservient to Congress and not be a co-equal branch of government.

Additionally, and specifically by design, absent a penalty for non-compliance, which factually makes a subpoena a ‘subpoena’, the Executive Branch had no constitutional pathway or process to engage an appellate review by federal courts. Make no mistake, this was a pre-planned purposeful trick within the Pelosi, Schiff and Lawfare road-map.


The House motive here, the forethought within their design, is very important now because it explains why they are vociferously demanding witnesses in the Senate.  The House plan was to work around the ability of the executive branch to go to court. The managers are now attempting to execute that plan, along with a manufactured political talking point, in the Senate trial.

Adam Schiff has walked his Democrat colleagues into a trap and once again, President Trump has checkmated his Democrat adversaries.

Faced with the potential for testimony from the whistleblower, former V.P. Joe Biden and his son Hunter, the inspector general of the intelligence community Michael Atkinson (whose testimony transcript Adam Schiff blocked), as well as that of the liar in chief Schiff, Senate Democrats, focusing on their own self-preservation, are almost certain to vote against having witnesses in numbers just large enough to block any motion to call witnesses.


Senator Josh Hawley (R-MO) has drafted motions to compel the testimony of all of those conspirators that he will introduce at the appropriate time.  Behind those five witnesses would be others, many others, including, one would presume Mary McCord who Atkinson worked with and who is now a member of the impeachment team.

President Trump always knew a Senate trial would play in his favor and said so in November.

President Trump: I want a trial.

Brian Kilmeade:  You want a trial?

President Trump: “Oh, I would!”

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