Watch Trump ***** Slap Fake News Hack: “Wait A Minute! Just Take It Nice And Easy. Just Relax!”

From Mark Sidney at Illicit Info OPINION Blog

OPINION| Honestly, I do not know how President Trump does this day in and day out.

I see a lot of people giving Trump a hard time for giving it back to the media as good as they try to give it to him, but personally, I think he deserves a medal for being so relaxed about it.


Each and every day of Trump’s life he is thrust in front of a room of attention-hungry savages, who are essentially the propaganda arm of the Communist … errr, Democrat Party.

With nearly each and every question, the throng of reporters hurl loaded questions meant to get Trump to make a mistake and do something or say something that will hurt him and/or the nation.


At this point it seems like the leftist media is hoping for the worst when it comes to, not only the stock market and the economy, but also the number or sick and dead in this country from Coronavirus.

Anything, and I mean, ANYTHING, to hurt Trump’s chances of getting elected, no matter who gets hurt.

Saturday Trump held a surprise presser on the Coronavirus emergency, and of course, the media quickly sharpened their knives and went after Trump, hoping to draw blood


The Gateway Pundit reported:

President Trump praised California and New York leaders for the work and their cooperation during the coronavirus pandemic.

Trump also applauded his coronavirus team led by VP Mike Pence and Surgeon General Jerome Adams.

During questioning, NBC’s Kelly O’Donnell accused President Trump of sending mixed messages and of not taking the pandemic seriously. (Of course, the liberal media never DREAMED of hurling such an insult at Obama.)

President Trump slapped her down.’

Kelly O’Donnell: You’re sending mixed messages. When watching you, you shook hands with people yesterday. You have talked about five million tests being available. We probably won’t need that many. Has your own sense of urgency evolved? And are you changing what you’re doing?


President Trump: No, I’ve been urgent. This is urgent for me frankly right from the beginning. You know that because I closed off our country to China.

O’Donnell: But why are you changing hands, sir?

President Trump: Because it almost becomes a habit… And…

O’Donnell: But, you…

President Trump: Wait a minute. Wait a minute. Just take it nice and easy. Just relax.



The media is not used to a conservative President standing up for himself.

Trump may not be the most polished man to ever hold the office, but he may be the only one who can withstand such a weaponized media.


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