Watch Seattle Patriots Finally Take A Stand Against BLM After They Try To Destroy A Support Police Rally And You Are Going To Love It

By Leisa Audette at 100 Percent FED Up

The silent majority finally showed up today to back the police officers in Seattle who are facing defunding. The rally at noon began with chanting by a crowd of supporters that kept getting bigger. When anti-police protesters tried to crash the rally, the supporters of the SPD got even louder.

It’s being reported that there were an estimated 5k supporters and about 200 Black Lives Matter protesters at the rally at Seattle City Hall. The supporters of police far outnumbered the anti-police group. This should send a clear message that defunding the police is not what Seattle residents want for their city.



BLM supporters try to interrupt the rally:


The angry anti-police thugs are losing it – language alert:


The Antifa goons burn an American flag and then assault the woman and reporter who put out the fire:


The Antifa group goes after the woman:


The crowd is chanting “SPD!”


The angry professional agitators were relatively easy to take out and were visibly frustrated that the crowd got the best of them.


This article originally appeared at 100 Percent FED Up and was republished with permission

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