WATCH: Representative Burgess Owens BODY SLAMS Every Democrat Commie Like A BOSS- This Is EPIC! (Video)

As usual, the demonic possessed leftists have come out with more over exaggerated lies about voter identification cards and enforcement of voting laws.

Biden and his demonic posse have been running around calling the Georgia voting laws “literally Jim Crow laws, or Jim Eagle laws.”

Now most of us are smart enough to know there’s nothing in the world that has been been dubbed Jim Eagle laws. This was just another moronic brain fart in a long list of brain farts from Sleepy Joe.

Some of you are old enough to know and remember what the Jim Crow laws actually did in the south. Those of you who do remember them, remember the separation and hostility that kept segregation alive in the southern states.


If you remember these laws, and lived through then, you probably also remember good friends of DEMENTED Joe like Robert Byrd, promoting these laws to keep these racist laws alive.

Some folks who actually were affected by these laws have begun to speak up, and speak truth, or “clap back” as the kids today say, at the lies from hell being shouted out from the mountain tops by the demon army also known as the democrats and their media outlets.

One of these individuals pushing back is Representative Burgess Owen’s of Utah. Owen’s who lived under the laws of Jim Crow recounts in great details how these laws are NOTHING like what was put into place in Georgia to secure their voting system.



What Representative Owens did with this speech is beyond remarkable. This man took his own life experiences with actual Jim Crow laws, and gutted the lies of the ding bat demonic leftists! Owens proved that the Demoncrat party is doing what is does best time and time again, prey on low information voters, use and abuse the minority vote all in order to gain political power in office.

We all know the best way to combat lies and deceit is by shining a light on the darkness. Everyone knows when a light comes on in a room, the cockroaches scatter! So we will continue to fight back by shining a light into the darkness and speaking truth into the world!

An ancient Jewish parable reads that the power of words has the ability to create and or destroy entire WORLDS. So let’s spread the truth and create the right world with morale values.


H/T to our friends at America’s Freedom Fighters for this article.

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