WATCH: Nutty Nancy Prays To George Floyd Thanks Him For ‘Sacrificing His Life For Justice’

Written by K. Walker at Clash Daily

Somebody might want to lay off the gin. Seriously, what WAS that?!

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi says some crazy things, but this was one of the weirdest things that she’s done to date. It’s difficult to imagine that she said this while sober. What the hell was she trying to accomplish with this?

PELOSI: So again, thank you, George Floyd, for sacrificing your life for justice. For being there to call out to your mom — how, how heartbreaking was that? Call out for your mom, “I can’t breathe.” But because of you, and because of…thousands — millions of people around the world who came out for justice. Your name will always be synonymous with justice. And now we have to make sure justice prevails in the sentencing. But, that’s its own procedure.



Why is she praying to George Floyd?

What is she trying to say here?

Is she happy that George Floyd died?


Her “prayer” was almost celebratory.

Does she think that he “sacrificed his life” for the cause of justice…intentionally?

Why did she thank him for his dying words? Who does that?

Of course, she did this because she’s pushing a Democrat Bill and using his name to do it.



Pelosi just labeled George Floyd as a sacrificial lamb for the anti-police movement.

It’s disgusting and outrageously offensive.

This isn’t the first time that she’s used George Floyd’s death for political gain. Last year, Democrats in Congress wore Kente stoles and took a knee for nearly 9-minutes in memory of George Floyd for a photo-op.



If Pelosi had an “R” after her name instead of a “D”, she’d be called racist — and rightfully so! — for fetishizing the death of a black man in a very difficult-to-watch incident caught on video and involving four law enforcement officers.

She’d also be called a ghoul for standing on his grave while she pushes her stupid, Democrat anti-police agenda forward.

Who cares what letter is after her name — Nancy Pelosi is an absolute ghoul for these disgusting comments!


This article originally appeared on Clash Daily and was republished with permission.

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