Watch: Dem Debate Descends Into Chaos Candidates Meltdown, Scream at Each Other as Trump Laughs All The Way To Reelection

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OPINION| It looks like President Trump won another debate last night … even though he was not on the stage, nor a member of the party debating.

The Democrats and billionaires, who are battling each other, tooth and nail, to win the chance to lose to President Trump in 2020 are running, like lemmings, off the left cliff, and falling head first into socialism.


I have to confess, I have not watched much of the Democrat debates. Besides wanting to throw my TV out the window after a few minutes, the ideas these candidates present sound like a student council race … “pizza every day!’ … ‘longer recess!’ … ‘no homework!’

The strategy to garner the needed votes to win the presidency for America’s socialist party seems pretty clear: bribe enough people with other people’s money and our labor, make them dependent on the ‘free stuff’, lord over them, sticking your hand deeper and deeper in the ever-growing cookie jar that is the nation’s tax (and debt) receipts.


The trouble is, with everyone running so hard and so far to the left, there is much contention on the stage, and the phony niceties that the candidates usually try to give one another is starting to wear off … or has worn off, and boy, is it fun to watch!

For those of you who watched the Democrat debate last night in Charleston, South Carolina, you know exactly what I am talking about.

The Gateway Pundit reported:


The debate devolved into chaos as the candidates began to scream at each other over who could spend trillions of dollars in a more productive way.

Where are the moderators?!

Senator Klobuchar called out Crazy Bernie — Crazy Bernie began screaming as Steyer jumped into the fray — then Buttigieg tried getting in a few words as Bloomberg chimed in.

Crazy Bernie continued to scream over everyone and eventually, a moderator told everyone to quiet down.



Let’s put these guys in charge of a 4 trillion dollar budget, let them increase it to $10,000,000,000,000 (trillion) or more … said no one (with a brain) ever.

I do not know which Democrat (or billionaire) will emerge as the candidate for 2020, but I do know one thing: if you and I do not go out and vote in November America s going to bankrupt itself and collapse into a horrific wasteland faster than you can say the United Socialist States of America.


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