Watch As “The Five” Dismantle CNN’s Jim Acosta Live On National Television After Misquoting WH Superstar Kayleigh McEnany

Opinion| Dino Porrazzo at Right Wing Tribune

It’s clear that the fake news media doesn’t care about facts but have one mission- to destroy Trump at ANY cost.


One of these garbage, left-wing media outlets is CNN who frankly are nothing but a bad joke.


Jim Acosta is one of the most pompous piles of trash on the network and that says a lot.


Congratulations Jimbo on your scumbag of the year award.


You are a freaking joke.


Okay so The National Sentinel reported that during a segment on Fox News’ “The Five,” the hosts took apart CNN’s Jim Acosta for once again misquoting White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany.


Also, the group discussed the back-and-forth between McEnany and that pathetically ineffective mayor of Chicago, Lori Lightfoot, who is presiding over black-on-black genocide in a growing part of her city.


Here’s the back-and-forth:


Good stuff there- except for Juan Williams which is par for the course…


This country is in a mess and that is exactly the goal of a-holes like Jim Acosta and other Trump-hating garbage so-called journalists.


These morons think that Joe Biden is the answer?




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