Watch As BLM Thug Tries To Remove Veteran’s Flag From His Truck, Gets ‘DEADLY’ Surprise Instead

An Army veteran showed a BLM thug what life is all about when the SCUMBAG tried to remove a Confederate flag from his pickup truck. 


The vet’s wife and 5-year-old little girl witnessed what happened and it’s all caught on video!


Take a look!


(YouTube video courtesy of 2live1life4millions)


Lady Liberty at Fury News reports that it’s amazing to watch a big bad street punk back down when the tables are finally turned.


More of this type of self defense needs to be happening all over our nation. Everyone has a right to protest but no one has a right to vandalize property and threaten the lives of others.


Mad respect for this veteran and his family. This isn’t about racism, it’s about freedoms that are being stolen in the guise of “protest.”


Filthy Obama loving savage.


H/T- America’s Freedom Fighters

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