Watch As Biden Supporters Assault 7-Year-Old Trump Supporter At DNC Convention, “We Will Knock You The F**K Out” For Wearing MAGA Hat

Opinion| DINO PORRAZZO at Right Wing Tribune

A sickening video being circulated on social media shows Biden supporters stealing a MAGA hat from a Trump-supporting 7-year-old son and tore up her pro-Trump sign near where Joe Biden gave his DNC acceptance speech.

In response to the video that received millions of  views and was shared by Donald Trump Jr., the Students for Trump organization tweeted that the White House called the boy. The White House did not immediately comment Friday, FOX News reports.

“Last night, Joe Biden supporters viciously attacked Riley, a 7 year-old Donald Trump fan. Joe Biden supporters stole Riley’s hat, ripped up his sign & made him cry. Watch. It’s on video. This is sick. Wilmington, DE please help us find them:”



From Gateway Pundit:

Riley was heard on the video begging his mother to dial 9-1-1.

“Get off my property! Are you going to destroy my property?” a woman said to a masked Biden supporter.

“Yes, we are,” she replied.

One of the Biden supporters then grabbed the child’s red MAGA hat and refused to give it back to the child.

Riley’s mother didn’t back down and chased the Biden supporters.


WATCH THIS SH*T- THIS IS SICK! (language warning):


Carmine Sabia at The Federalist Papers has more:

Riley chased after the woman and said “I just wanted to sit on the floor,” as he begged the two thugs to give him his hat back.

“We don’t give a f*ck. Your mom f*cking likes Trump,” the woman in red said to the crying 7-year-old child.


“You’re going to steal my property? I’ll follow you to your car and get your license plate,” the mom says.

The mother spots a friend named Taylor and tells him about the ordeal and tell him that these 2 leftist Biden supporting communists attacked her son.

As Taylor attempts to get the hat back the woman swings at him, flings the hate over a fence and says, “We will knock you the f*ck out.”


Such peaceful, loving people these leftists are.

The truth is that the Democrats are the party of division, hatred and violence.

So far Joe Biden and his goons have not commented on the attack.


Again, The White House has and that’s just more proof that we are the party of love and civility.

The left? They are nothing but vile piles of crap who hate America.

God Bless America!


This article originally appeared on Right Wing Tribune and was republished with permission.

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