Watch As 3 Hate Filled Thugs, SCREAM THIS At Cops While Dragging And Stepping All Over Old Glory


When Obama took office the hatred and attack against Law Enforcement has been escalating.

During the Trump presidency LAW AND ORDER was a main theme yet the attacks against police continued.

Well, Biden has picked up the ‘ Anti-Police’ torch and now we have scenes shown below.


Democrats, Biden and Harris HATE the police.

They are racist and target blacks- at least that’s their message.



YEAH? You useless piles of garbage can go to hell.

These people are total scumbags.


Okay my friend Patty McMurray at 100 Percent FED Up has more:

The NYC Police Benevolent Association tweeted a disgusting video showing two NYPD officers in the 30th Precinct of NYC who were harassed and verbally assaulted by a group of hate-filled agitators roaming the streets, looking for a fight.

In the video posted by the NYC PBA, a black male with a megaphone can be seen taunting and mocking two NYPD officers sitting inside their vehicle, while a white male, appropriately dressed as a clown, and another black male dragging an American flag on the ground, can be seen surrounding, and shouting at the NYPD vehicle.

The “clown” places a rubber pig on the front of the vehicle, while the black male with the megaphone calls out their badge number, telling them, “That’s a pig! That’s a gift for you, bitch!” Another black male walks around the vehicle as he drags a faded US flag on the ground and throws it over the windows of the NYPD vehicle. The fool with the megaphone tells the police officers who risk their lives to defend the neighborhoods where they live, shouts at the police to “Get the f**k out of our hood!” while the clown gives them the middle finger.

Meanwhile, a photographer breathlessly follows the trio around as though the asshats and their hate-filled rants directed at the NYC cops are somehow relevant.


Watch the disgusting scene unfold here:


This is what happens when an anti-cop “president” and “vice-president” are able to occupy leadership roles in America. Expect to see more incidents like these in major cities’ streets and on our borders in our new lawless America.


H/T to our friends at America’s Freedom Fighters for this article.

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