Virginia State Senator Makes Urgent Warning. “We Are Being Setup” Ahead Of Huge 2A Rally And What Else She Said Makes it Even Worse

Virginia State Senator Warns ‘We Are Being Set Up’ Ahead Of 2nd Amendment Rally; Pro-Gun Groups To Be Branded Domestic Terrorists?

The best thing to do might be to just stay out of Richmond…

By Tank Murdoch

(TNS) A Virginia state senate Republican has issued a dire warning to anyone planning to attend the pro-gun lobby day event on Monday: If you go there planning mischief or trouble, don’t…because it’s a “set-up.”


Democrats and federal officials are apparently lying in wait for anyone — especially anyone from a group that can be labeled “Right-wing” — to step out of line and cause mayhem so they can charge them with the crime of domestic terrorism.

In fact, Senator Chase even suggests that someone employed by the government — federal and/or state — might try to start something so as to encourage other ‘right-wingers’ to join in.


Writing on her Facebook page, Sen. Amanda Chase wrote:

“Sadly, I am posting this, knowing that the Governor of Virginia has declared a State of Emergency in our state.

I want you to be aware of how we are being set up.

Does the Patriot Act ring a bell?

Does the National Defense Authorization Act ring a bell?


If people show up wearing any kind of uniform, patch or other symbol on their clothing signifying they belong to a militia and something goes wrong, you could/will be held as a domestic terrorist.

If anyone steps out of line, all it takes is one person, it may even be a government plant….if that plant does anything to disrupt the rally, you could/will be arrested as a domestic terrorist.

The Governor, using the media has already set the stage for this to happen.

He has already laid the groundwork to make the entire movement look like insurrection.

It will be used to put the rest of the nation on notice of what will happen to you, if you resist.

They have used the Southern Poverty Law Center over the last 15 years to lay the groundwork.

They have labeled us as potential domestic terrorist for a long time now.


Anyone who has ever related to the 3%er’s, a militia, or just belonged to any Patriot group…the groundwork has been laid to brand you as a domestic terrorist.

They have gone out of their way since the Obama years to insure they had us labeled, but it didn’t start with Obama. It started with the Patriot Act under the Bush administration.

We are being played by a well oiled machine, these things have been in the works for many years.

They are kicking things into high gear. Military veterans were/are even listed as potential domestic terrorist.

We were told not once, but several times by the current President, “It’s Not Me they are after, It’s You, The American People.“


Their actions over the last three years have shown you he was right, they are coming after us full speed ahead and they aren’t even trying to hide it anymore.

Sic semper tyrannis, keep your head on a swivel and know what’s going on around you at all times, at Lobby Day 1/20/20.

Everyone be safe out there….Thus always to tyrants.”


Also, Tom DeWeese posted this which we are unable to confirm at this time but it worth mentioning:

“I’m in Richmond and have just received information from a very reliable source concerning Monday’s rally against the legislature’s gun grabs.

Antifa have rented seven buses to bring in their thugs to cause trouble. The report says they will be wearing MAGA hats and wearing NRA garb.

They will pretend to be pro gun people. Meanwhile others posing as democrats holding anti gun signs will stand on the side. The Antifa thugs, pretending to be pro gun , will attack the sign holders. Making it look like the pro gun people have started violence. This is the plan.

If you are attending the rally be aware. Be very careful.”

It’s not clear if Chase has some inside information that only she and other lawmakers are privy to, but given how Left-wing Democrats in other cities around the country have often targeted conservative groups while allowing members of Marxist Antifa organizations create as much mayhem and violence as they want without repercussions, her warning makes sense.

It’s not above elements within our government to use situations like the one in Richmond on Monday to advance their agenda of authoritarianism.


Look at what they’ve tried to do — and are still attempting to do — to President Trump. When the highest-ranking members of the FBI and Justice Department can literally launch a coup attempt and (so far) get away with it, what’s to stop the Deep State we know exists from sending some crisis actors to Virginia to start some trouble in order to advance a gun control agenda?

It’s probably not going to happen, but if we were to recommend anything, it’d be this: Stay away from Richmond on Monday.

After all, 90 percent of the jurisdictions in the state have already committed to becoming “gun sanctuaries,” whereby local authorities will refuse to help the state enforce unconstitutional gun laws.

And we think it’s safe to say that whatever groups do show up tomorrow, they’re not prepared to ‘start the next civil war’ in Virginia.

Chase’s warning is powerful and it appears to insightful and genuine. Will it be heeded?

Potions of this article originally appeared at The National Sentinel and was republished with permission.

*Some edits have been made.

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