[VIDEO] Violent Gang Storms Philly Restaurant And Does THIS- Here’s Why The Media’s SILENT…

A gang of Muslim thugs beat the hell out of a Philadelphia man outside of a restaurant and left him for dead. Fortunately, the man, Patrick Kane survived the brutal attack and is able to provide his account. 

The assault occurred outside of Geno’s Steaks which is a popular eatery in Philly.

Philly.com is reporting that Philadelphia police are looking for the five men in connection with the brutal assault outside Geno’s Steaks on June 11. Police did not provide information about the assault, but said the video of it was “too graphic” to release.

The victim, Mr. Kane gives his account.


He said he and his wife, Brooke Kane, had spent the night at a friend’s wedding and then at an after hours club with another couple, when they all decided to grab a bite to eat at Geno’s.

They were just finishing up their cheese steaks when Brooke Kane’s girlfriend asked another group of patrons if she could bum a cigarette, Patrick Kane said. “That is when the guys just lost their minds.”

In seconds one man stood up, put his hand over the face of the woman and pushed her across the sidewalk, said Patrick Kane.

“‘Don’t mess with us, we belong to ISIS,’” Kane said the man shouted at them. Brooke Kane, a daycare teacher, stepped in to help her friend. The ISIS comment was not a joke she told them before she too was struck, Patrick Kane said.

Patrick Kane said one man punched him in the nose, which started bleeding. He was then punched in the back of the head by another man and hit twice in the eye. He remembers Brooke screaming at bystanders for help and to call police, the five men running off, someone from Geno’s giving him a bag of ice and police and EMTs arriving on the scene.



YouTube courtesy of USNationalistNews


The Analytical Economist at Allen West writes – Initially, I was a bit inclined to write it off as a group of idiots trying to act tough, but it was an act of violence during Ramadan. The other day in Instanbul, those attending a Radiohead concert were violently attacked for daring to drink alcohol during the “holy” month. Smoking is prohibited too, so it would make sense that asking for a cigarette would trigger such a violence response.

The attackers’ treatment of women appears to be in line with the Quranic teachers as well.

Either way, if this is truly an assault by ISIS followers or just a bunch of gang-bangers trying to up their game, we have a problem.


Simply unbelievable. Of course this will all get covered up by Obama’s Muslim loving goons.

Lock and load patriots- the enemy is here.

God Bless.




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