VIDEO: Town Is SHOCKED By What They See Wounded Warrior Doing On Sidewalk- Take IMMEDIATE Action

An Iraq war veteran in Nebraska, Justin Anderson has taken the small town by storm with one of the most innovative ‘gadgets’ you have ever seen! The brilliant veteran has crafted an all-terrain motorized wheelchair/snowplow! This is awesome.

An Iraq war veteran named Justin Anderson has tricked out his off-road wheelchair with a snow blade, which he uses to clear the snow from sidewalks in his community. This is AWESOME!


Anderson’s volunteer plowing services are valued in his highly trafficked neighborhood where an elementary school sits just down the block from his home, Discovery reports.

“I don’t want kids or parents having to go through the snow and possibly trip or hurt themselves,” said Anderson. “I had a half-dozen people stop to take a picture because they hadn’t seen a chair like this before.”

Last year, the Iraq War Veteran took his off-road wheelchair and put a snow blade on it.


“The chair has on-the-fly tilt so I can adjust the height of the blade as I push snow,” he tells WOWT 6 News.

Every snowfall, Anderson does his part and more.



“The community has supported me immensely with my struggles and tough times as I had a leg amputated and my fight with brain cancer. This is my way of giving back,” said Anderson.

Justin Anderson’s makeshift snowplow isn’t about the recognition he says, but more about his duty.

“It’s very gratifying. It’s nice to know you’re appreciated. But even if I didn’t get any response from anyone – or nobody said Thank You – I’d still do it,” said Anderson.

The “independence fund” donated the chair to Justin so that he could get around easier. He tells WOWT 6 News he’s planning some more winter modifications to the snowplow.

Kudos to this great warrior! We thank Justin Anderson for his service and wish him the best!


H/t – America’s Freedom Fighters

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