Video: Sheila Jackson Lee Demands Reparations “This is America’s responsibility”

By 100 Percent FED Up– 

Sheila Jackson Lee and the Congressional Black Caucus see an opportunity in the latest Black Lives Matter money grab. They want their quid pro quo now. The constant drumbeat of “systemic racism” has gone the way of the word “racist” because it’s been so overused that it means nothing.

As each CBC member spoke during today’s press conference it became clear that the use of the term “systemic racism” is being co-opted to cover just about every grievance the black community has and ultimately wants more money for. Several of the members mentioned how the black community has been hit with coronavirus harder than most. They don’t say the reason for this big percentage. The reason is that a large percentage of the black community is obese and has other morbidities. This is not the fault of anyone but the individual.

What this group never discusses when they talk about crime in the black community is that black on black crime is much worse than any other statistic. Politicians like this group never point a finger at the black community for failing to deal with black on black crime.


Until more money is thrown their way, why can’t people be held accountable for their individual actions? Why can’t the black community admit their own faults and call on their politicians to help them? Why is no one allowed to speak about these failures?

Listen below as Sheila Jackson Lee tries to justify reparations. Jackson Lee says, “This is America’s responsibility…” then says it’s the “American government’s responsibility…” to pay reparations. Isn’t that the same thing because taxpayers fun the government piggy bank?

She begins at the 2:36 point in the video where she awkwardly tries to speak through her mask. Note that her mask promotes DC as the 51st state.



Debunking “Systemic Racism” – Thomas Sowell:


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