VIDEO- Rand Paul GOES OFF On New Lockdowns With This BRILLIANT Speech!

By Kevin Robert at Breaking First


For over a year now I’ve been saying over and over again that the only way we put an end to this insanity of ‘Covidstan’ and everything else that’s going on is to stop complying with the businesses and stand up to the tyrannical school boards who want to choke out your kids with useless Chinese face diapers!

Sadly, we haven’t had anyone in real leadership step up to the plate and join us in pushing back until recently.

We saw as some states like Florida pushed back on corporate entities for things like COVID passports for cruises, to ending big tech censorship.


Then we saw some red states stand up and end the federal COVID unemployment payments to people who were too terrified to go to work and or just too damned lazy to leave moms basement and bag of Cheetos.

Sadly, all of those great accomplishments were overturned by some useless brain-dead federal judge, the worst part is some of those federal judges were filled by former President Trump.

Now I’m not here bashing Trumps decisions, I’m saying that no matter how hard the states try their damnest to enact federalism and take hold of the 10th amendment. There will always be some jerk wad to end the true freedom seekers.

Today however, 1 lone senator stood up and spoke truth. This senator has been assaulted by his neighbor, caught COVID, and was nearly attacked again earlier in the year by the anti-queens.

Senator Paul has literally gone to battle for months now with the lying snake Fauci in the senate hearings.

Now we all knew Fauci has lied about everything and even doubled back and admitted he had lied “for our own good.”



The good senator from the commonwealth of Kentucky is advocating legal avenues that will be the only way we get any semblance of our lives back. There is no other way around this at this point.

Oddly enough I was reading an article today that some of you might understand. This article was discussing Star Wars and how the empire took over and entire galaxy so easily. At the end of it, they said the following” Liberty doesn’t die because people love dictators like Palpatine, sometimes, they’re just trying to keep their jobs.”


I understand the need to provide for your family, but the question a lot of us need to ask ourselves is, at what cost is it worth losing your soul and the future for your children. I recently left one of these corporations myself because it wasn’t worth it to me anymore to support the stupidity of covidstan.

Many nurses and doctors are walking out nationwide because of the horrible corporatists running these sick care establishments. I say sick care because we don’t do health care anymore. We treat symptoms and nothing more. It’s all a part of the insurance scam and good ole Obamacare.

I hope you share this article with everyone and everywhere. This will take all of us because if we don’t stand together, we will most certainly hang separately, to borrow an old phrase.


H/T – America’s Freedom Fighters

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