‘Vaccine Passports’ Will Force US Citizens to Get COVID Vaccine By Restricting Constitutional Rights

By: 100 Percent FED Up

Biden’s administration is planning to restrict travel abilities, among other freedoms, should you choose to not get the Coronavirus vaccination. Although not FDA approved yet, Biden’s team is trying to make the vaccination mandatory by making it necessary to present documentation of one’s vaccination when trying to fly somewhere, enter certain businesses, or even go to work.

‘Vaccine passports’ are becoming mandatory for travel in the EU, and now the Biden administration is working towards developing a plan which will require vaccine documentation in order to travel, attend work, or enter some establishments such as sports arenas.



Now, those who are skeptical about the newly-developed vaccine will either be alienated from the population and be denied freedom of movement as given to them by the Fourth Amendment, or they will be forced to get the COVID-19 vaccine, thus relinquishing their freedom of choice. Soon in order to travel and/or work, Americans may require official documentation of their vaccination status, severely restricting those who are skeptical of this new vaccine, or who may be unable to acquire one due to factors outside their control.


Among the constitutional violations this plan presents, there are other logistical issues that are already beginning to surface including in the EU where falsified vaccine passports have already surfaced. There are also questions being raised surrounding technology companies’ access to personal medical records and/or vaccination statuses.



America’s Frontline Doctors released a statement condemning this plan for required vaccination, highlighting its constitutional violations and the adverse effects it would have on travel prices. Additionally, they stress the low rate of COVID transmission on flights and argue that these passports are completely unnecessary actions to force people to get the vaccine.



In light of this situation, American citizens must stand up for their constitutional rights and push back against a government under Biden that seeks to take away these rights in order to pursue its own agenda.


This article originally appeared on 100 Percent FED Up and was republished with permission.

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