UNREAL: MSNBC Hack Joy Reid Now Says Black Lives Matter And Antifa Are Peaceful Then Tells Audience Trump Supporters Are “White Supremacists”

By: Chris “Badger” Thomas at Breaking First


MSNBC anchor Joy Reid said suburban moms fear President Donald Trump supporters with guns, not Black Lives Matter kids” with “skateboards and a bull horn,” on Monday’s broadcast of “The ReidOut.” Breitbart


In a not surprising move, the left is now attempting to use the Patriotic Americans who show up to peacefully protect, yet armed to defend should the situation turn violent, as the real threat.


They are seriously calling the Black lives Matter and Antifa groups the peaceful ones that are not to be feared.


“This was the guy who brought two people to his convention who are indicted for waving weapons at Black Lives Matter people.


This is the party now of white vigilantism of white supremacy because the Republican Party has rolled over, didn’t bother to come up with a platform or agenda of their own.


Every Republican has bought into this notion of Trump, bought into the incitement of racial conflict, bought into this really, George Wallacish race-baiting.


I think they are going to pay a heavy price. I do not think this is what people in the suburbs are looking for.”


Besides endorsing and promoting hate and racism, they wasted no time in using the situation to attack and slander Americans that believe in the 2nd Amendment and back President Trump.


Our nation is spiraling out of control due to the chaos and violence from Antifa and Black Lives Matter in cities across our nation.  When will our nation wake up and see what’s really going on?


Chris “Badger” Thomas is a Veteran who served our country as an Army Combat Medic.

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