Tucker Carlson Sounds The Alarm On The Existential Threat Of Our Lifetime

“It has been said that politics is the second oldest profession. I have learned that it bears a striking resemblance to the first” – Ronald Reagan

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OPINION| Lawrence David| Until you accept the fact that the two major political parties are private corporations you cannot understand the motives behind their legislative actions.


If you think that your elected officials are working for your benefit, ask yourself why every industry they promise to regulate in order to bring us lower prices, results in just the opposite.

And who gets rich? Answer: The politicians.

The more an entity (industry or country) can extract (legislation, technology “sharing” etc), the more money those entities will direct to those politicians.

Enter China. A billion and a half dollars to Hunter Biden’s personal investment was just part of the “price they paid” for politicians to turn their collective backs on China’s blatant rip-off of American wealth, jobs, and technology. Including military technology.

Hundreds of billions of dollars in annual trade deficits, much of it orchestrated for the benefit of the communists and to the detriment of American workers.


“There are trillions of dollars at stake.”

Outsourcing has left us vulnerable to shortages. China, in the throes of the Coronavirus outbreak, is commandeering the much needed medical supplies they need to care for their own. That has left us vulnerable.

The United States no longer has the manufacturing capability to provide for its citizens needs. Who made those decisions? Many of them win reelection term after term.

American students seeking to study in advanced coursework have been displaced in massive numbers by Chinese ‘students’ who then go on to high placed positions in sensitive industries.


This provides China insight into our latest advancements and leaves us vulnerable to their divided loyalties.

We have become a colony of China and President Trump is the only Washington politician addressing it. If he becomes too aggressive, if he begins placing blame on specific individuals, a significant number in his own party will be exposed.

So he does the dance, hoping Americans will pick up the crumbs. Tucker Carlson has started that awareness campaign:

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