Opinion| Trump Was Right … If We Had Just Listened To Him From The Beginning We Very Well May Have Been Able To Avoid Economic Disaster

By: Illicit Info OPINION Blog

OPINION| Lawrence David| Globalists – multinational corporations, international bankers, and foreign governments (often hostile to U.S. interests) – and the Washington-based politicians whose fealty they have purchased, staunchly opposed Donald Trump’s desire to uncouple from China.

Everything will cost more, they warned. More than this? …

Their obstruction, coupled with the Chinese coronavirus pandemic, has cost Americans at least $10 Trillion in wealth in the stock market alone, massive economic dislocation of American workers and small businesses, a near breakdown of our healthcare system, and as of this writing, at least 2363 American lives.


In terms of money alone, the $6.2 Trillion bailout/stimulus package put together by the Fed and Congress to address their own malfeasance, will cost every American $20,000 plus interest far into the future, likely forever. That’s $80,000 for a family of four.

Almost certainly, more will be needed.


Bet you wish Trump had been allowed to declare economic war on China back in 2017 rather than fighting this biological war now.

So what if, as the Globalist defenders told us, every car would cost another $1,000 and the clothes you buy would cost an additional $5? Those costs pale in comparison to the costs now facing us thanks to the wisdom of Schumer, McConnell, Ryan, and Pelosi…


If those production facilities had been repatriated, more Americans would be working than were prior to when China unleashed this virus on the world. The cost of supporting our neighbors who were forced onto government assistance would’ve been less, far less.

The world economy would be thriving now rather than facing the possibility of the next Great Depression.


And, these faux “leaders,” these charlatans of Globalism who sold the inheritance of our forebears, now have the temerity to blame President Trump for what they wrought on us.

Those same career politicians, now blaming President Trump, swore for decades to protect American blue collar workers, even as they were selling them out to multinational corporations and foreign governments, most notably C.H.I.N.A.


It didn’t take a genius to understand nothing good could come from sending our jobs and critical infrastructure needs anywhere else, let alone to a saber-rattling communist country that doesn’t even show regard for its own citizens.

They succeeded in stripping America’s manufacturing workers of their jobs because they divided us. It’s what they always do to advance their unholy agenda.


As long as fifty-one percent of the population don’t feel personally threatened they will happily vote to strip the freedoms, money, and jobs of others… until Starbucks has hundreds of college-educated applicants for one barista job.

Yet the same traitorous politicians, bolstered by billions of dollars in “campaign” donations from corporations, foreign governments, and oligarchs, were able to use those massive sums of money to get elected and re-elected… over and over again.


Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.


Now they’ve come for the small independent publishers like Patriot Crier… And, finally, they’ll come for you.

The Marxist media, virtually all of it owned by the globalist cabal, have censored us to the point of financial extinction while they give wide berth to liars masquerading as journalists intent on impugning President Trump.


Where would we be today if Congress had given President Trump that same $2 Trillion to rebuild American industry three years ago?

Unemployment would likely be approaching 2% with wages rising commensurately. The Dow might be at 35-40,000 rather than half that.

The collective worth of our 401K’s would have increased far more than $2.2 Trillion.

They do this to us every time. Will we ever learn?



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