BREAKING: President Trump Is Furious And Rips Democrats For The World To See- He Will Not Stand For This


By: Duncan Smith at The National Sentinel

In the wake of the George Floyd riots, there could not be a starker difference between President Donald Trump and Democrats heading into the 2020 elections.

Amid calls from Left-wing extremists and lunatic anarchists to “defund the police” and disband entire departments, Democrats have glommed on, seeing an opportunity to gain some political points among their deranged voting base without thinking through the consequences of actually defunding police departments and sending officers packing.

But most Americans are not that irrational and they are no doubt seeing Democrats’ siding with anarchists as antithetical to the existence of the country.


Meanwhile, President Trump has made it abundantly clear which side he comes down on: “LAW & ORDER” — as he noted in a tweet Sunday.

“Sleepy Joe Biden and the Radical Left Democrats want to ‘DEFUND THE POLICE’. I want great and well paid LAW ENFORCEMENT. I want LAW & ORDER!’ he wrote.

‘Not only will Sleepy Joe Biden DEFUND THE POLICE, but he will DEFUND OUR MILITARY! He has no choice, the Dems are controlled by the Radical Left,” the president noted further.


The Washington Times adds:

Pulling funding and dismantling police departments has become a rallying cry for protesters and even members of Congress, who are angered over the killing of Floyd, a black man, by a white police officer in Minneapolis over Memorial Day weekend.

Members of the president’s administration pushed back against the idea of defunding police on several Sunday news shows.


Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Dr. Ben Carson told CNN it would lead to chaos and people taking justice into their own hands.

‘You want to abolish police departments. Are you kidding me?’ he sarcastically said on CNN’s ‘State of the Union.’

Meanwhile, acting Secretary of Homeland Security Chad Wolf told Fox News that defunding police is ‘absurd,’ adding the police need the right training, oversight, and leadership.


‘You don’t do that by slashing budgets. It makes no sense to me. I think it is a very political statement to make but it does not protect our communities at the end of the day,’ he said.

So, what’s it going to be for 2020, America — police-less, chaotic, burned-out cities or law and order and a civil society that punishes injustice as well as lawbreakers?

The answer seems pretty clear to us, and it isn’t the position Democrats are taking.


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