Trump Hammers Obama Officials Behind Prosecution of Michael Flynn: ‘Human Scum’ Who Committed ‘Treason’


President Trump unloaded on Obama administration officials involved in the prosecution of former national security adviser Michael Flynn.

His comments were delivered after the Justice Department dropped its case against Flynn Thursday, completely exonerating him.

“He was an innocent man,” Trump stated to reporters as he met in the White House with Texas Governor Greg Abbott. “Now in my book he’s an even greater warrior.”




Flynn, a retired United States Army Lieutenant General, pled guilty to lying to the FBI over contacts with Russia in late 2017, but documents unsealed by the Department of Justice last week show his plea was likely the result of a coercion and entrapment plot.

Handwritten notes from the day Flynn was interviewed by the FBI show a questioning of the goal behind the interaction: “Truth/Admission or to get him to lie, so we can prosecute him or get him fired?”


The context of the FBI’s goal proved too much for the Justice Department to argue that he was not entrapped by bad-faith actors.

“He is a great gentleman,” the President complimented. “He was targeted by the Obama administration and he was targeted in order to try and take down a president.”

Added Trump, “What they’ve done is a disgrace and I hope a big price is going to be paid. A big price should be paid.”


Human Scum

The President wasn’t even vaguely finished with a complete evisceration of the Obama officials who were involved in this travesty of justice.

“There’s never been anything like this in the history of our country,” he complained. “What they did, what the Obama administration did, is unprecedented. It’s never happened. Never happened. A thing like this has never happened.”


“I hope a lot of people are going to pay a big price because they’re dishonest, crooked people,” Trump added, capturing the sentiments of those who would like to one day again believe that a few bad apples in law enforcement institutions like the FBI will be weeded out.

“They’re scum and I say it a lot, they’re scum, they’re human scum. This should never have happened in this country,” he concluded. “The Obama administration Justice Department was a disgrace and they got caught. They got caught. Very dishonest people. But much more than dis – it’s treason, it’s treason.”


TREASON trump human scum

If it’s not treason, it is at the very least criminal how they treated Flynn.

As The Political Insider reported last week, there were only two acceptable outcomes after the documents showed the intent behind the FBI’s actions:

  • Complete exoneration of General Flynn.
  • A thorough investigation into major players in the Comey-led FBI, with any remaining agents being dismissed from their government jobs, their pensions taken, or other actual legal ramifications.


We’ve got the first part, now it’s time to move on and investigate these Obama-era officials.

The case “reek(s) of criminal misconduct,” Senator Lindsey Graham told Fox News host Sean Hannity. “One of the worst things that can happen in any democracy is for those who are in charge of the law to take it into their own hands for political purposes.”


“I think that is what has happened here,” he continued. “Time will tell.”

Tick-tock, Mr. Comey. Your time is coming.


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