Trashy 2020 Democrat Claims Trump Hates Most Americans And Is Racist- Major Problem


Billionaire investor and environmental activist Tom Steyer, who entered the 2020 Democratic presidential race late, is seeking to make up ground with direct, yet unfounded, attacks on President Donald Trump.


During a campaign event in Coralville, Iowa on Sunday, Steyer called President Trump a “racist” who “hates most Americans.”

“He said it very clearly in December in Florida to a group of American citizens,” Steyer said. “He was at the American Israeli conference, and he looks at a group of people like you, and he said, ‘You do not like me, and I do not like you, but you are all going to vote for me because if the Democrats get control of this economy, they are going to destroy it in 15 minutes. So even though you do not like me, you all have to vote for me.’ That is his campaign.


“Let me just interpret for you what he really meant to say,” Steyer continued.

“What he really meant to say was, ‘I am a criminal. I think we can agree on that. And I despise 80 percent of you, and you despise me. If I came to Iowa City, you would not let me in the front door of your house, and you would never let me sit down to eat dinner with your family.’

‘”It’s true But you are all going to vote for me because the Democrats are a bunch of socialists,” Steyer said. “They don’t understand job creation or growth or prosperity. So even though you hate me, you have to vote for me.’


“That is his honest to God campaign. Because every single one of those things I said is true,” said the Californian.

“We all know what a bad person he is,” Steyer added. “He is a racist, he hates most Americans, but he is going to run on the economy, and we’re going to have to beat him on the economy. And I can do that.”


According to the most recent polling, President Trump’s approval rating among minorities has risen, according to three separate polls last fall.

Each poll has Trump’s approval rising from between 30-35 percent among black and Hispanic voters, a phenomenon political analysts say is due in part to his economic policies which have lowered unemployment among those demographics to their lowest levels historically, and his campaign’s ongoing outreach to those communities.

This article originally appeared at USAFEATURESMEDIAand was republished with permission.

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