“Those that Did Premeditated FISA Fraud… About To See Their Worlds Rocked” [VIDEO]

From Mark Sidney at Illicit Info OPINION Blog

OPINION| Mark Sidney| Let me preface this piece by letting you know that I am not as hopefully as Hannity and his guests are.


I am not interested in seeing ‘some’ of the lower level people responsible for the complete and total destruction of the rule of law in this country slapped on the wrist, I want to see them ALL suffer the maximum penalty under law. When I say all, I mean department heads, cabinet members and ‘if’ he knew, ol’ Barry himself.

The fact that Roger Stone is facing 9 years in prison while coup perp McCabe walks scot-free proves that justice in America is dead. We are living in a tyranny which will only get kicked into overdrive when the Democrats, who are now full fledge communists, regain control of the levers of power.

Sure Barr talks a good game, but other than talk what the hell has he done? Not a damn thing.

Flynn is still bankrupt and facing prison.


Stone bankrupt and facing prison.

I would by lying to you if I told you I thought that some miraculous events were going to transpire where all the DS agents in our government were taken down.

I imagine many of you feel as I do and are sick of waiting for the cavalry to arrive.

HOWEVER, there are a lot of people who are much, much closer to the going ons in Washington. Some of those people include Sean Hannity and Sara Carter.


While my opinions are based on the fact that we are yet to see a damn thing happen to anyone (other than the people who helped get Trump elected) Sara Cater and Sean Hannity have some very powerful and connected sources.

Now, I do have one contact who is a former IC community guy, and he is suggesting that March is the time that we should look for things to start happening to the coup perps.

Now, compare that intel with what Hannity and Cater said last night as the Gateway Pundit reported:


‘The deep state DOJ exonerated Andrew McCabe today after the former FBI Deputy Director admitted to lying under oath and leaking classified documents to the Wall Street Journal in order to damage President Trump.

This did not appear to dampen Sean Hannity’s hopes for fair and equal justice under the law.

Tonight Sean Hannity told his audience that sources are telling him, “It’s real. That those that did the premeditated fraud on FISA…They’re about to see their worlds rocked.”

Investigative journalist Sara Carter jumped in to add, “That’s what I’m hearing too.”

Via M#thods:


Gregg Jarrett added that there are no coincidences.’


For now, all we can do is keep shining light on the crimes of the DS and pray that someone in Washington has the balls to do what needs to be done.

Either we solve this problem now or America will certainly fall further and further into authoritarian, spy state, tyranny as time goes on. AG Barr, ask yourself, what kind of nation do you want to turn over to your grandkids?


Let’s hope he is the right man for the job.


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