This Student’s EPIC Answer On Gun Control Test Has Liberal Teacher FURIOUS…

America’s educational system has been hijacked by the left and the result of their liberal brainwashing is taking its toll on society. There is a nationwide assault on God, Country and Guns unlike we have ever experienced.


Thankfully, this ‘progressive’ indoctrination jammed down the throats of our children by these liberal fanatics is met with resistance by some of these young ones and here is a perfect example of that.


Here we have a liberal teacher attempting to justify the stripping away of our 2nd Amendment rights via a ‘test’ but one student would have none of that!




Give that kid an A+!


Wow, look at the choices they were given. If that isn’t liberal, I don’t know what is. Sickening!


Chances are, that young patriot got disciplined for answering ‘stupid’ considering that another kid actually got suspended for chewing a Pop-tart into the shape of a gun! Unbelievable.


Liberals believe that if guns are outlawed then everyone will be safe because, after all no one will have guns anymore. We all know that is ridiculous. That is how their minds work. They are like zombies.


Unfortunately, we have these liberal teachers spewing their filth basically unchecked. And like I said, it’s taking its toll on America. It’s always awesome to see the kids that respond with these epic answers to these ludicrous questions.


H/t – Our good friends at America’s Freedom Fighters for this article.

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