Ted Cruz Goes Nuclear- Calls Protesters Who Yanked Down Christopher Columbus Statue Exactly What They Are And THEY WON’T LIKE IT

By: Duncan Smith at The National Sentinel

Because they believe their opinions are the only ones that matter, even if their facts are grossly wrong, Left-wing ‘protesters’ around the country are continuing to rip away all remaining vestiges of our country’s founding and traditions.

In Minneapolis on Thursday, for instance, protesters toppled a 10-foot bronze statue of Christopher Columbus that was given to the city by an Italian immigrant (for the under-educated liberal, Columbus was born in Genoa, Italy, a major economic hub in the 1400s).

Trending Politics reported:


Today’s generation of Native Americans, along with hordes of Marxist-indoctrinated whites and ‘persons of color,’ have been brainwashed into hating Columbus because he paved the way for Europeans to ‘invade’ and ‘colonize’ the ‘New World,’ stealing land from the Indians and bringing disease, pestilence, and, of course, racism.

Never mind that long before Columbus got to American and long after he found it, the various Native tribes warred with each other, butchered each other, invaded and stole each other’s land, and, often, enslaved each other

As for Columbus, he never actually reached North America or what would become the United States. The furthest he got was the Bahamas; ‘America,’ North and South, had already been found by other European and Norse explorers.


But who cares about facts, right?

Upon hearing of the incident, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas), described the thugs and criminals pulling down the statue the new “American Taliban.”

Newsmax provided some details:

“American Taliban,” Cruz tweeted Wednesday night. He was responding to a video posted by ABC News that showed people cheering as they ripped down the statue outside the Minnesota State Capitol.


After the statue fell, people cheered as photographers snapped photos of the scene. One man appeared to put his foot on the neck of the statue, a potential reference to how George Floyd died after a Minneapolis police officer held a knee to his neck for nearly nine minutes.

Now, mind you, this was outside the Minnesota state capitol building. Where were the police? Is that what it’s come to now in Minneapolis — complete lawlessness, unchallenged rioting, wanton destruction over a difference of political opinion?

America, our Democrat-run large cities are about to implode unless residents of them retake control of their streets, neighborhoods, and communities, in conjunction with police.

Our society is being ripped apart at the seams. It’ll be hell to pay to put it back together.


This article originally appeared at The National Sentinel and was republished with permission.

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