Sleepy Joe Biden Suggests That Women Who Believe Tara Reade ‘Probably Shouldn’t Vote For Me’ Amid Allegations


Joe Biden, discussing sexual assault allegations leveled against him by former Senate staffer Tara Reade, feels any women who believe her claims shouldn’t cast their vote for him.

The Democrat nominee to take on President Trump in the 2020 election made the suggestion during an interview with MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell.

Biden first claimed he doesn’t even remember Reade.


“Do you remember Tara Reade who worked there for about a year in 1992-1993?” O’Donnell asked.


“Well, to be honest with you, I don’t,” the former Vice President replied.


And to be honest with you, Biden is lucky he remembers his own name most days.



Reade Should Be Heard

In the interview, Biden went on to suggest Reade should have her say on the matter but said her story “has changed” and denied it ever happened.

“Let me get something clear, when a woman makes a claim that she has been harassed or abused, and this claim has changed … she should be taken seriously,” he said.

“She should come forward, share her story, she should be taken seriously and it should be thoroughly vetted. And in every case, what matters is the truth. The truth is what matters. And the truth of the case is nothing like this ever, ever happened,” insisted Biden.

“I give you my word. It never, ever happened.”

Days ago, Biden told ABC News political commentator George Stephanopoulos that “women should be believed” even while denying the claims against him.


Don’t Vote For Me

In an unusual move, Biden told MSNBC viewers that if they believe Reade, as he just said ‘women should be believed,’ then they should probably vote for somebody else in the election.

“Well, I think they should vote their heart and if they believe Tara Reade, they probably shouldn’t vote for me,” he stated. “I wouldn’t vote for me if I believed Tara Reade.”

Telling people not to vote for you is a bold political strategy, Cotton.


Reade made an allegation of sexual assault against Biden during a podcast back in March after alluding to harassment in his office in the past.

“His hands were on me and underneath my clothes,” she recalled, claiming that when the assault was over Biden said, “C’mon man, I heard you liked me.”

Reade filed a criminal complaint with the sexual assault unit of the Washington, DC, Metropolitan Police Department in April.



Since then, several people and pieces of evidence have surfaced to help corroborate Reade’s story, including a court document from 1996 that shows she told her ex-husband about sexual harassment in Biden’s Senate office.

“The fact is that look at Tara Reade’s story. It changes considerably,” Biden told O’Donnell later reiterating, “it never happened.”


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