SICKENING: Race Shaming on Steroids- White Protesters Wash The Feet Of Black Protest Organizers and Beg for Forgiveness

By 100 Percent FED Up 

Cary, North Carolina was the scene of some serious race shaming where white protesters washed the feet of black protest organizers.

White liberals were kneeling, and now they are washing the feet of the black protest organizers.

This is pathetic.



One more step closer to the chambers of the final soulution. The Nazis would have loved this submission.

— Red Viper 2.0 2020 (@redwins3_first) June 8, 2020


This was never about color. The people above are being used as pawns in a bigger plan of anarchy, and the thugs in the video below are taking advantage of the situation.


Euclid Ohio….Was never about color it’s planned Anarchy. These are animals & they deserve the harshest punishment under the law! @POTUS

— Red Viper 2.0 2020 (@redwins3_first) June 7, 2020


Nothing says black lives matter more than robbing a jewelry store during a “Justice for George” riot:



Even more proof that this has nothing to do with black lives. Mitt Romney is marching with a group of “Christians” to the White House right now. Does anyone believe for a second that this is anything more than a jab at President Trump?



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