Shock Video: Joe Biden Wanders Off Camera During Live Town Hall Event On Facebook

From Mark Sidney at Illicit Info OPINION Blog

OPINION| Can we talk about the fact that the presumptive Democrat nominee for President is clearly not there mentally?

Everyday Joe Biden proves that he is suffering from some sort of mental issue.


Whether it is slurring his words, forgetting which office he is asking for votes for, confusing his wife and his sister, threatening to fight people 1/3 of his age, not remembering whose vote he is asking for … I could go on and on, but do I really need to?


American knows damn well just how badly sleepy Joe’s mental state appears to be.


Just take a look at this video compilation:


It turns out that the Coronavirus and the fact that it has allowed Joe step out of the live town halls, where he has completely **** the bed, and do these things virtually now.


There is just two problems … he’s still talking and on camera, and for Joe that never ends well …


The Gateway Pundit:

Joe Biden held a virtual town hall via Facebook live on Friday and it was a disaster.


First Biden got confused and didn’t know when he would be president if he won the election.

Then he wandered off-camera as he was babbling about the Amazon forest burning and how if he were president he would offer $20 billion to protect agriculture internationally.


The campaign tried to cover it up with a logo.

Seriously, what is wrong with Joe Biden??


How about the $20 billion of your money Joe just pledged to give to Brazil (if elected)? We don’t have a global government Joey FFS. How much of that $20 Billion USD is going to end up, up his son’s nose or in his rear end?

Serious question folks.

What the hell is wrong with Joe Biden?


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