Senator Turns Tables On Corporations That Deserted The United States For China… Prior To Receiving Bailouts Show Us The Plans For Repatriating Your Production

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OPINION| Lawrence David| Keep your eye on freshman Senator Josh Hawley (R-MO). In the short time that he’s been in Washington he has proven himself to be an outspoken patriot. Something that is in short supply in the land of graft and compromise.


It hasn’t taken long for Hawley to join President Trump in growing tired of multinational corporations and foreign governments holding Americans hostage because their financial health may be critical to U.S. markets.


Nothing has shown the vulnerable position Washington’s corrupt politicians have left us in more clearly than the Wuhan virus that has wiped out $11 TRILLION in wealth from our financial markets, sent Americans into isolation, and China threatening to withhold needed medicines and medical supplies unless we kiss their asses.

Hawley is having none of it. If these corporations apply for bailouts the Missouri senator wants caveats attached:


(Breitbart) Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO) said in a statement on Wednesday that multinational corporations should explain how they plan to move jobs back to America before asking for bailouts from the federal government.

“To any multinational corporations that come to Congress asking for taxpayer $$$, you better come prepared to explain how you will move supply chains and jobs back to America if you want my vote,” Hawley wrote on Wednesday.



Hawley isn’t a Johnny come lately capitalizing on what has emerged a global pandemic…

While Democrats were calling President Trump xenophobic and racist for shutting down flights coming from China and impeaching him, Hawley was already on the case:


Sen. Hawley: The coronavirus outbreak in China has highlighted severe and long-standing weaknesses in our medical supply chain. This is more than unfortunate; it’s a danger to public health. Our health officials need to know the extent of our reliance on Chinese production so they can take all necessary action to protect Americans. This legislation will give us the information we need to better secure our supply chain and ensure that Americans have uninterrupted access to life-saving drugs and medical devices.

Let your representatives and Senators know you’re no longer willing to fund the growth of a communist nation intent on making us their agricultural colony…We want a government that works for us!


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