Just In: Senator Hawley Dismantles Rosenstein On Senate Committee Floor – Expect Criminal Referrals

By: Illicit Info OPINION Blog

OPINION| Lawrence David| Regardless of whether Senate Judiciary Chairman Lindsey Graham is serious about revealing the truth behind years of abuse by Obama’s intelligence community; or whether Graham’s objective is to cover for serious abuses of power which, one thing is clear.

It appears, Missouri freshman Senator Josh Hawley made clear his intention is to hold then-Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein responsible for signing a seriously flawed FISA surveillance application for the purpose of spying on President Trump…

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Former Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein: The agents had a duty to verify [the information contained in the FISA application]…

Sen. Hawley: Oh! So you did not have a duty to verify the information? Is your name on the application?

Rosenstein: Well, I had a duty to make sure it had been verified…

Sen. Hawley: Did you rubber-stamp it?


Rosenstein: Senator, the Deputy Attorney General or the Attorney General…

Sen. Hawley: Just answer my question. Did you rubber-stamp it? You said a second ago, to Senator [Ted] Cruz said “I did rubber stamp it”

Rosenstein: If you’d like me to explain I will, but I certainly…

Sen. Hawley: But you also testified today that you didn’t read it so I’m curious…


Rosenstein: No, I didn’t say…

Sen. Hawley: Would you like us to have your testimony read back to you? You said “I can’t say that I read it. I don’t think I read every page.”

Rosenstein: Yes. I did say that. Yes.


Sen. Hawley: Okay, so you didn’t rubber stamp it but you didn’t read it…

Rosenstein: Senator, I have to explain the process…

Sen. Hawley: Oh, I think we’re familiar with the process.


The OIG gave us the process. By the time it got to you, you had 17 critical errors, falsehoods, omissions, leading a federal court to say they had never seen anything like this and they can’t trust anything else the FBI says and you signed off on it!

Rosenstein, the man essentially running the Department of Justice at the time, tried to explain that his signoff was standard operating procedure because, with 115,000 employees, he can’t possibly review every FISA application and he has to trust their work.


That dog don’t hunt. This was the fourth application to spy on the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES… not some hump from Peoria. After the first three warrants came up empty.

By the time Rosenstein appointed a special counsel he knew there was no collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia.


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