Sen. Ted Cruz Fires Back At CNN’s Acosta Over Trump Press Briefing: ‘You’re Supposed To Be Journalists, not CCP propagandists’

(USA Features) Sen. Ted Cruz fired back at CNN’s Jim Acosta over a tweet the Texas Republican felt was deferential to the Chinese Communist government over President Donald Trump.

“Scapegoats blamed by Trump for Coronavirus pandemic: World Health Organization, Members of News Media, Democrats in Congress, Governors, (Not himself),” Acosta tweeted, followed by, “Other scapegoats blamed by Trump: China, Obama administration.”

That led Cruz to tweet in response, “Why is CNN apologizing for the Communist Party of China? You’re supposed to be journalists, not CCP propagandists.”


Acosta also tweeted a message related to President Trump’s announcement that the U.S. will be halting funding to the World Health Organization to reassess its effectiveness.


“Trump is accusing the WHO of mishandling the Coronavirus pandemic while avoiding his own failures on the subject,” Acosta wrote, which prompted more responses from the Texas Republican.


“Jim, any ‘reporting’ on this is fraudulent without acknowledging the WHO’s blatant schilling for the CCP,” Cruz tweeted along with a link from the WHO’s Twitter account from Jan. 14, stating that Chinese authorities have found “no evidence” of human transmission of the coronavirus.




Acosta responded a tweet telling Cruz that CNN has reported on the WHO’s failings.


“We have reported on the WHO’s failings,” Acosta said, linking to a tweet from Trump complimenting China in late January. “Just as we have reported on the president’s comments about China.”


“Maybe time for a name change from CNN to Xi NN,” Donald Trump Jr. tweeted. “It’s much more fitting.”



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