Sen. Graham Goes On Warpath Against ChiComs ‘We Ought To Sanction The HELL Out Of China’ Over Coronavirus

(USA Features) The chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee says he believes the Trump administration should take strong economic measures against China over its alleged mishandling of the coronavirus outbreak.


Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) told Fox News host Jeanne Pirro that China is the “largest state sponsor of pandemics,” and that the country should face economic repercussions.

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“Cancelling debt is something we could do,” he said, noting that China holds trillions of U.S. debt.


“You know China is the largest state sponsor of pandemics in the world. Iran is the largest state sponsor of terrorism,” he continued.


“We sanctioned the hell out of Iran for spreading terrorism — we ought to sanction the hell out of China for spreading pandemics,” Graham said.


After noting China’s record on creating pandemics in the modern era, Graham also said the Trump administration should find ways to entice American businesses to relocate back to the United States.


That comes after the U.S. has suffered through substantial shortages of critical healthcare equipment it needs to protect citizens from the virus; most of that gear is manufactured in China.


“I would like to put sanctions on China not just for the United States, but for the entire world,” Graham continued.


This is the third pandemic to come out of China. Enough is enough. Bring the supply chain back? Yeah, that’s a no brainer,” he said.


“Let’s bring it back into this country by using carrots and sticks by telling businesses, ‘If you relocate your supply chain, we will give you a tax break. If you don’t, we’re going to punish you.’”


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