Sean Hannity Unloads On Colleague Howard Kurtz In Savage Takedown After Kurtz Plays Defense For Biden

From Mark Sidney at Illicit Info OPINION Blog

OPINION| Fox News is one of the only cable news networks on the air that offers any programming that is not pure leftist propaganda.


While I am not a big fan of the ‘news’ portion of Fox’s programming, I do think they have some good opinion content lead by Tucker and including Hannity, Ingraham, Waters, Judge Jeanine, and others.


Howard Kurtz, on the other hand, is not one of those things I appreciate about Fox.


Kurtz is trying to run defense for team Biden, and trying to discredit concerns about Joe’s mental health after his nonstop string of ‘gaffes’.


Kurtz said:

“I always criticize liberal commentators for saying things like ‘President Trump is mentally ill’ and ‘President Trump has psychosis and he’s narcissistic and all that,’ so I do think it was unfortunate that some commentators on Super Tuesday — Brit Hume, Marc Thiessen, people I respect — said Joe Biden is senile or getting there.”


“Certainly he’s forgetful with his memory lapses and you can question his performance.”







Sean Hannity is not playing games.


Everyone paying attention knows that the legacy media companies are essentially the propaganda arm of the Democratic (aka socialist) Party.  It’s nice to see someone calling them out for it.


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