Rick Harrison of ‘Pawn Stars’ Crushes Socialism & Bernie Sanders In Killer Speech: ‘Bernie Sanders Really Wants To Crush Everything We Have’

Opinion| ICYMI| One of the highlights of being at CPAC this year was getting the chance to hear the one and only Rick Harrison of Las Vegas’ Gold and Silver Pawn Shop speak.

Harrison is famous for being the owner and operator of the famous pawn shop featured on the History Channel.

While many in the entertainment industry would not dare to ‘come out of the closet’ as a ‘conservative’ Rick Harrison is proud to wear his conservatism on his sleeve. This is likely because of one key difference between Rick and most of the people on TV: Harrison actually runs a real, brick and mortar, business and does not just play make-believe for a living.

The ‘Pawn Stars’ celebrity, who is a wealth of knowledge on a myriad of subjects including firearms, antiques, and history, made waves when he took shots at ‘Democratic Socialist’ from Vermont, Senator Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign.


Rick stood strong in his defense of capitalism in his CPAC speech.

The History Channel star shot hole’s in Socialism stating that “Bernie Sanders wants to tax me at 90 percent … Why would I want to open up a business if I’m not going to make no money?”

While I do not think that Bernie has suggested tax rates of 90% … yet, Rick’s point is well taken. Sanders wants to spend something like $97,500,000,000,000 MORE than the US is already spending over the next ten years.

Keep in mind, the US currently spends about $4 trillion a year and we already run a $1 trillion deficit. Bernie wants to nearly triple out spending to around $13 trillion a year.

The US GPD is estimated to be about 20 trillion dollars. However, this is at our current tax rates. If we were to increase taxes to cover this additional spending, you can bet that our GPD would suffer and crumble, for the very reasons that Harrison mentions. I would not be surprised if the nation’s total gross domestic product would greatly shrink. Perhaps to even below the 13 trillion dollars Sanders seems to want to spend. But hey, this is just like my opinion, man.


“Government regulation, all it does is hold businesses back,” … “The more regulations you have, the tougher it is to open a business, the tougher it is to be successful. And less employees in the end.” Rick went on to say.

Harrison talked about young people and their lack of understanding of the basic functioning of the economy.

“When you talk to these young people, you have to teach them the reason why CEOs make big money is because they are the Lebron James of business,” Harrison stated

“They have a skill set that other people do not have, and that’s why they get paid that money. It’s the hypocrisy that drives me crazy.”

Harrison lamented that kids are susceptible to the promises of ‘free stuff’ “because they do not teach anything about economics or capitalism or anything that made this country great in high school and in college anymore.”


“They come out of college, they come out of high school, all they know is that a corporation is evil and capitalism is evil, and I should get free medical care, I should get free school, I should get free everything for the rest of my life,”

Rick warned us not to sit out 2020 and not take Bernie seriously.

“Bernie Sanders really wants to crush everything we have … We just need to be massively diligent. You have to vote. You have to beg other people to vote. You have to drag them to the polls. And every young person out there, you have to explain to them why this left stuff will not work. Because there is always a chance it could happen.”



One the subject of running for Governor of Nevada, Harrison said “Everyone wants me to run for governor of Nevada, but no decisions yet.”


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