Richard Grenell Slays Dem Rep. Eric Swalwell In Epic Twitter Battle: “For years you went on TV spreading the Russian propaganda – knowing the entire time that not one single person under oath from your committee saw any collusion”

By: 100 Percent FED Up

Former Democrat presidential candidate, Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA), who was polling at under 1% when he dropped out of the race, just can’t seem to get a break.

Eric Swalwell found himself in a bit of a quandary after he picked a fight with Trump’s former acting DNI Ric Grenell on Twitter.

It all started with an article in the Daily Beast, where Swalwell accused “Trump’s Top Spies” of not telling ‘the truth about Russia.’


In Episode 10 of The New Abnormal, The Daily Beast’s podcast for a world gone off the rails, Swalwell told co-hosts Molly Jong-Fast and Rick Wilson that he’s “afraid” America’s intelligence chiefs aren’t telling “the truth about what Russia is doing” to sabotage Election 2020.

Swalwell also hilariously tried to convince anyone listening that the rabidly anti-Trump Democrats wouldn’t have tried to impeach President Trump during the COVID19 pandemic, saying they would be forced to put the health of the American people and the economy before their obsession with destroying Trump.

Swalwell said, “I don’t think we would have moved forward with impeachment if we were in a pandemic… We would have just realized the priority has to be healthcare and getting this economy back up.”


It’s strange how House Democrats, who Swalwell claims want to help Americans, have on multiple occasions, used bills put forth by Congress to help Americans struggling with the economic fallout of the coronavirus pandemic to push for illegal alien rights, mail-in-voting, and funding for Planned Parenthood.

Noah Schactman, editor-in-chief of the Daily Beast, tweeted a link to their article, saying:

@RepSwalwell really lets loose here, saying he no longer trusts ODNI and FBI to deliver the truth about Russian interference in 2020.



Rep. Eric Swalwell replied to Schactman’s tweet, clarifying that he doesn’t trust :

Slight correction on your tweet: I trust FBI & Director Wray. I don’t trust ODNI gov Directors Richard Grenell or
Rep Ratcliffe. They’re the ones with the shovels burying evidence to protect President Trump.

Trump’s badass former acting DNI Ric Grenell slayed Swalwell for his outrageous claim, reminding the feckless Democrat that he was the one working so hard to hide information he didn’t like. Grenell also pointed out how Swalwell knew, after sitting through multiple classified hearings, they had no evidence of Russian collusion. Yet, he still went on TV and lied to the American people.

I’m letting the public see more info. You are the one who worked to hide the information you didn’t like. You listened to multiple people in classified hearings say they had no evidence and yet go on TV and say the opposite. Transparency is now a must!


Rep. Swalwell attempted to intimidate Grenell after he called him out, by asking Grenell to release General Michael Flynn’s call with the Russian ambassador if he has nothing to hide.

Thanks for showing up on Twitter. You never once came to brief the Intel Committee (First DNI Director who failed to do so). If you have nothing to hide, why don’t you release Flynn’s call with Russia? #ShowUsTheTape

Again, Grenell reminded everyone how the deceitful Democrats are about to be exposed, tweeting:

Those are coming. It’s very important for the public to see ALL of them. For too long the public has been misled. Just compare your committee’s transcripts to your public statements! #troubling


SIX DAYS LATER…A nervous Swalwell changed course, tweeting:

Tick tock. “Those are coming.” Well, you’re no longer director and the Flynn tapes never came. All you have to show for your work is the dirt on your boots from shoveling and burying evidence for President Trump #ShowUsTheTape

Jeff Carlson, a writer for the Epoch Times, tweeted about Swalwell’s delayed response, saying:

Swalwell waited six days to respond to Grenell – after getting utterly buried.

Swalwell is going to get buried all over again.

Reminder: Swalwell knew the transcripts being withheld showed no evidence of collusion.

But that didn’t stop Swalwell peddling Russia-Collusion lies.



Former acting DNI Ric Grenell wasted no time with his answer to Swalwell’s delayed response. Grenell reminded Swalwell of how he spent years lying to the American people under oath even though not one person on their committee saw any evidence of Russian collusion:

They are coming. There’s a thoughtful process to transparency. For years you went on TV spreading the Russian propaganda – knowing the entire time that not one single person under oath from your committee saw any collusion. Not one. It’s shameful!

Rep. Swalwell’s response to Grenell only got him into more trouble:

The guy who spread “Russian propaganda” is the one who asked Russia to hack his opponent. It’s also the guy who said he believed Putin over the brave intelligence officers you betrayed. That guy is PresidentTrump. You chose to enable him. I choose to check him.


Grenell went in for the kill shot reminding everyone of the “tens of millions” of wasted taxpayer dollars on a phony investigation Democrats knew all along was a farce, and how Democrats weaponized the US government while lying to Americans:

You spent tens of millions of taxpayer dollars weaponizing the US government & telling Americans there was massive collusion. Your own committee interviewed more than 50 people under oath & they all said the same thing: they know of no collusion. But on TV you said the opposite.

Swalwell, like a cornered rat, responded:

Weaponize? History lesson: Democrats were in the minority for the Russia Investigation — it was a GOP-led investigation that allowed witnesses to not answer questions. And the Mueller investigation came from President Trump’s appointees. So, show us the Flynn tapes or buzz off.


Buzz off…

Apparently, that’s how a Democrat who’s just been brutally defeated in a public Twitter war against an opponent who only had to use facts against him, responds.

Unfortunately, for Swalwell, Grenell wasn’t about to let him slither away without responding to his ludicrous claims. Grenell responded by reminding him that the transcripts actually reveal that there was no collusion which is the only reason the Democrats didn’t leak them to the media:

I read the transcripts. There were lots of questions from Democrats. Lots. You just didn’t find any collusion when they were under oath – so the transcripts were the only thing you didn’t leak to the DC media.


Swalwell came back for more punishment, tweeting a series of questions:

Did you read:

— Manafort gave polling data to Russians

— President Donald Trump lied about Trump Tower Moscow deal during the 2016 primary season

— Jr. meeting with the Russians in Trump Tower

— President Donald Trump asking Russia to hack Hillary Clinton

Read it again.


Grenell responded by saying he read it all and that Americans are furious about how they hid the facts from them.

Oh, I read. I read it all. And you lied about collusion. And Americans who see the facts that you tried to hide are furious.

Swalwell answered Grenell’s accusation by trying to suggest Republicans are to blame for the Trump-Russia collusion investigation, telling Grenell to “lay off the Trump Kool-Aid.”

This is so comical. The Republicans led the Russia investigation, which ended in March 2018. They chose to not release the transcripts. What on earth are you talking about? I’m worried about you. Lay off the Trump Kool-Aid. You’ve had too much.

At this point, the Democrat Party’s legal counsel, Daniel Goldman a key figure in the Trump impeachment hearings, jumped in to save the drowning Swalwell, tweeting:

Sad to see that Richard Grenell has assumed the same kind of deceptive and deficient logic that Rep. Ratcliffe
used during impeachment. If any individual *fact* witness does not or cannot assert a *legal* conclusion, that does not mean that that legal conclusion cannot be found.


Grenell responded to Goldman: I’m being deceptive?! I’m for transparency. You DC types hide the details from the American people and then go on TV and say something they can’t check. It’s the DC way. And it usually works – until Americans see the details (i.e. the hidden transcripts).

Swalwell asked Daniel Goldman: Hey Dan, remember the time Richard Grenell came and briefed Congress and cleared all this up? I don’t either. Like his former boss, he’s just a tough guy on Twitter. But unlike every DNI before him, never had the nerve to appear before Congress and defend a single thing.

Suddenly, Swalwell wanted to change the subject, mocking Grenell for focusing on getting to the bottom of the phony Russian collusion narrative, instead of focusing on COVID19? Swalwell tried to start a hilarious hashtag started by ending his tweet with “#YouHadOneJob.”

But all of this is secondary to what you were supposed to be doing as DNI. You literally had one job, manage intelligence. Somehow, while dozens of other countries were responding to #COVID19, you were focused on resurrecting Trump’s crazy theories. And here we are. #YouHadOneJob


Grenell, who was almost finished with his tweet takedown of the CA Democrat Rep. who lied under oath by saying:

I’m talking about how you lied to the American people over and over again. You said publicly you saw lots of Russian collusion. But the many Republicans and Democrats you questioned under oath all said they saw NO COLLUSION. You knew what they said in private. You lied.

Finally, Grenell tweeted exactly what the American people want to hear:

It’s time we brief the American people. We are done with the Washington manipulations. Transparency is needed.

I was there 3 months. I declassified them. Along with the transcripts of people under oath, the unmaskings AFTER the election, and a few more things to come.

I’m for transparency. And letting the American public see the facts.

To which, Eric Swalwell replied:

Bye, Richard.


On May 9th, after Michael Caputo, who was previously a target of the Mueller investigation, was cleared, he released some pretty damning text messages from the virulently anti-Trump lawmaker, Rep. Eric Swalwell. The text messages appear to prove that Swalwell, who has spent the last 3 1/2 years calling for Trump’s impeachment, committed witness tampering.

The text message to Caputo from Swalwell was related to Caputo’s testimony before the special counsel.

David Reaboi tweeted a copy of a now declassified conversation from the House Russia investigation transcript release between the former Democrat presidential candidate, Rep. Eric Swalwell (CA), and Assistant Secretary of HHS for public affairs, Michael Caputo.


Caputo responded to Reaboi’s tweet, saying: Good morning all! I’m just having coffee, remembering that 2018 Twitter direct message after midnight on a Saturday night from a tipsy Congressman contacting me, a represented party, in clear violation of House Ethics rules.

Caputo included a screenshot of an incredible threat from the Democrat lawmaker:

Swalwell: Nice to see you again. I hope you told OSC the truth. They don’t fuck around.

Caputo: I lied to no one and you know it so go ****yourself.

Swalwell: Don’t sound so scared bro.

Hmmmm….sounds like a threat. Yep, it definitely sounds like a threat from a United States Congressman. Isn’t this considered witness tampering?


From Red State – That sounds an awful lot like Swalwell is attempting to intimidate a witness, one which was part of two ongoing investigations. It also sounds incredibly immature and petty.

Yet, this was the tack many Russia truthers took for years. They were so certain they were right and absolutely positive that everyone around Trump would end up in jail over supposed collusion. In the end, it took Mueller pursuing process crimes to collect a few scalps (one of which has now had the charges dropped against him).

But perhaps the most incredible part about this is that Swalwell was one of the crazy people insisting that President Trump indirectly tweeting about Robert Muller was absolutely “witness tampering.” Here’s a video reminder of that.

In the video below, Swalwell can be seen accusing President Trump of witness tampering.



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