Republican Senator Tim Scott Responds To Pelosi’s Disgusting ‘They’re Trying To Get Away With Murder’ Comment

By: Wes Walker at ClashDaily

Senate Democrats blocked the GOP police reform bill and their reasons/talking points are absolutely disgusting and divisive.

They have been deploying a new catchphrase to attack Republicans.

You know that police reform both parties have been pitching since, well, almost immediately after those few moments in which the entire country — and beyond! — was unified in horror at those ghastly final moments of George Floyd’s life? That life cut short by the actions of one rogue cop and 3 other guys who failed to intervene?


They have all face criminal charges, including murder over the event. Keep that in mind as we listen to what Pelosi’s newest talking point is.



Pelosi said, while describing Senate reforms put forward by Republicans, “they were trying to get away with murder, the murder of George Floyd.”

So, to recap: the only people personally responsible for the death of George Floyd are facing criminal prosecution. The Republicans were putting forward reforms (whether Democrats agreed that they are the correct ones or not is a separate issue) that would protect civilians from finding themselves in the same situation that cost Floyd his life.

And the Democrats’ coordinated talking point is that the Republicans are…


… and it’s right there in the video clip…

…’trying to get away with the murder of George Floyd’.

That’s not merely dishonest, that is slanderous, and a transparently cynical attempt to play on racial fears and prejudices to suppress the vote of any black voter who has lost confidence in the Democrat party.


Senator Tim Scott, a Republican, has been right on a whole lot of things lately.

Some of us need to hear his experiences as a black man in America who has been racially profiled but still thinks that the vast majority of law enforcement officers are good people.

This video is worth every second to watch:



Democrats, from the beginning, said the Reform bill was ‘unsalvageable’…despite the fact that the Senate Bill addressed most of the issues they complained needed fixing.

Senator Scott was used to situations where things get shot down because it’s the ‘wrong guy’ doing it. He was just used to it as a racial issue. Now he’s getting the same ‘wrong guy’ treatment because of the party affiliation.

In the video, above, he ripped the mask off the Democrats’ duplicitous tactic, showing the ugly faces behind their ‘altruistic’ intent. They don’t want to SOLVE this problem, they want to CAMPAIGN on it.


Which prompts the question: which party is it that is ACTUALLY indifferent to the death and suffering of George Floyd.

So, the big question making the rounds on social media was, will it be a Tim Scott/Nikki Haley Republican ticket in 2024 or Nikki Haley/Tim Scott?

Sure, it’s a little early to be looking that far out. But it IS good to know we still have some people on our side who know how to put the Democrat’s feet to the fire when they start slinging their usual Bulls**t.

After all, even if we DO win in November, Trump is just one guy. He can’t be expected to fight them all by himself.


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