President Trump Not Pleased With Americans Who Are Ignoring Federal Coronavirus Guidelines

By Chris “Badger” Thomas at Breaking First

President Donald Trump said Tuesday he was not pleased with Americans who were ignoring federal guidelines to reduce the spread of the coronavirus.


“I’m not happy with those people if they’re not,” Trump said at the White House when asked by reporters to react to some Americans who failed to heed the advice of the federal government.


But the president said other Americans were doing a good job of correcting each other.


“You know those people are being shouted down by other people, they know it. It’s almost like self-policing,” he said. Breitbart


All over social media you will find people making fun of others who take the virus seriously as well as a horrific amount of lies and bad information about the virus.  The President is telling people what they can do for themselves and their loved ones and yet out of arrogance or foolishness they choose to ignore the guidelines.


All this means is that at some point the government will be forced to shutdown/lock-down, essentially martial law on a federal level instead of individual states.  They will not have a choice because the people are forcing it to happen.


Breitbart went on to report:


“I would just say, enjoy your home. Stay. I would just say right now. We have to get this problem fixed,” he said, advising Americans to cancel their travel plans.


The president said that if every American did their part, the virus would be eliminated quicker.


“If we do this right our country and the world frankly, but our country can be rolling again pretty quickly,” he said. “We have to fight that invisible enemy.”


We see it all over the place, people simply do not believe this is a crisis and think they have nothing to worry about.  Their selfishness is putting everyone else at risk not just of the virus but of a federal hammer dropping.


Chris “Badger” Thomas is a Veteran who served our country as an Army Combat Medic.

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