PORTLAND: Toddlers Carry Vulgar Anti-Cop, Anti-Trump BLM Signs…Approaches Person Videotaping Them, Shouts: “F— The Police!”

By: Patty McMurray at 100 Percent FED Up

Independent journalist Andy Ngo has been capturing incredible scenes from the streets of Portland, Oregon for months. Today, in what can only be described as heartbreaking, Ngo caught a group of “toddlers and very young children” carrying hateful, vulgar, anti-cop and anti-Trump signs while walking with a group of grown-ups.


The signs that were being carried by little girls read: “F*ck the Police” and “EFF Trump’s Goons” and “F*ck the Feds and the Police.”




When the little girls were asked about the signs they were carrying, one of the little girls approached the person filming them and said, “Fuck the police!” directly into the camera. A male voice can be heard in the background encouraging them, as another young girl steps up with a mask over her face to say “Fuck the police!”


Discretion advised:


Donald Trump Jr., a father of five young children, retweeted the video, saying: “These parents should be ashamed of themselves.”



On July 12, independent reporter Drew Hernandez captured a parent walking with a toddler (Hernandez claimed the mother was using her as a human shield) at a protest in front of the Portland Courthouse (the same location as where the little kids are protesting above)


In the midst of the chaos and violence, Hernandez incredibly captured an insane video of a female Portland protester casually walking with a toddler through the middle of the violent protest. The man walking next to the woman and the toddler is carrying a skateboard in his left hand. Skateboards are commonly used by Antifa to smash storefront windows or windows in police vehicles.



Such a nice group of parents. Portland should fear the next generation of citizens who are being raised by these moral-less humans.


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