Police Now Using Drones To Enforce “COVID 19 Laws” In Massive Power Grab – Harass Woman By Speaking To Her Through Drone

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By: Chris “Badger” Thomas at Breaking First

DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. — Kim Andrade was just walking along Daytona beach when a drone came buzzing by. It caught her attention, and she even went ahead and snapped a few photos.


What she did not expect to learn, however, is that the drone can “talk.”


“This is the Volusia Sheriff’s office, please adhere to social distancing guidelines,” said a voice piping out of the unit’s onboard speaker.


“It speaks? They can speak through it? Wow,” Andrade said to Fox News.


Florida leaves the rest of the United States constantly wondering what Florida is thinking, is it in the air or the water, what makes the people in Florida tolerate the insanity that is the Florida government? Clearly money rules all down in Florida and they really do not care about the people or the safety of Floridians.  Now we see a horrific overreach by the Volusia County Sheriff’s office by releasing drones to police the people in their county.


Fox provided the following:

“Unfortunately in law enforcement, we can’t practice social distancing,” Volusia County Sheriff Mike Chitwood told Fox News. “People are still committing crimes, people are still being knuckleheads and having these pop-up block parties.”


Chitwood explains that by using the drones, they can encourage social distancing using the drone’s speakers and can break up large gatherings of people without running the risk of getting a deputy infected.  “We can say ‘hey, you in the blue shirt, we’re watching.


And, we don’t want to send deputies in, so why don’t you respect us and follow the guidelines and let’s break up this party,” explained Chitwood.


Other states, counties and law enforcement are using drones during the stay at home orders and most of the time, the civilians have no idea that the police are using them.


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Chris “Badger” Thomas is a Veteran who served our country as an Army Combat Medic.

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