Pelosi Goes Full Anti-American And Blocks Funds To Help Millions Of Americans- Here’s What You Need To Know

By: Chris “Badger” Thomas at Breaking First

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi shot down calls on Thursday to extend unemployment benefits through a smaller coronavirus relief package, arguing passage of a streamlined bill could derail talks on other Democratic funding priorities.


Pelosi explained her position after more than 100 House Democrats called on party leaders to allow a vote on a bill this week to reinstate the expired $600 weekly unemployment benefit for workers.


The speaker said she supports calls to tie benefits to the unemployment rate, but felt that it was the wrong “timing” to hold a vote. Fox News Report


If you or your loved one have been forced onto unemployment due to the pandemic, Pelosi simply does not care.


She is blocking desperately needed funds for families in the United States all because they want more money for the Democratic agenda and to force the mail-in ballots for voting.


Fox Business stated, President Trump signed an executive order to reinstate a $300 weekly unemployment benefit after talks stalled on a comprehensive extension of coronavirus relief measures.


Democratic leaders supported a larger $3.4 trillion aid package that would include the full $600 weekly benefit and federal funding to support mail-in ballots, while Republicans supported a smaller $1 trillion package with a smaller weekly benefit.


Essentially they are attempting to bribe Americans that are impacted by the pandemic with more weekly benefits so long as they get their 3.4 trillion dollars and mail-in ballots passed.


So Pelosi is determined to block any benefits packages for suffering families, all in the name of greed and a clear way to abuse the voting system to push Biden and Harris into the Presidency.


Chris “Badger” Thomas is a Veteran who served our country as an Army Combat Medic.

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