Watch As “Peaceful Protestors” Now Whipping Out Guns And Pointing Them At People Driving By


By: Chris “Badger” Thomas at Breaking First


INDIANAPOLIS, IN – Indianapolis police are reportedly investigating a viral video from the Indystar that shows two BLM gunmen pointing their weapons at a pickup truck.


The gunmen were part of a Black Lives Matter protest held Thursday, August 6.


Protestors were calling for justice for Dreasjon Reed, who led police on a high speed chase while live-streaming to Facebook 3 months ago.


During the course of the engagement, Reed exited his vehicle and died in a shootout with police. Law Enforcement Today



Black Lives Matter and Antifa continue their war on the United States and Police Departments across the United States, their violence and riots are costing the American people millions.


When these stores have to make insurance claims it raises numerous prices for the companies and therefore the consumers.


By using firearms not only are they breaking the law, they are endangering everyone around them and putting themselves and whomever they draw down on, in a no joy scenario.


Let’s be honest, a lot of people will respond to direct threats with their own direct action.


The video shows a blue pickup stopped in the street near the I-65 bridge, with a masked man in a yellow striped shirt pointing a handgun at the vehicle.  His finger appears to be on the trigger.


Another masked man in a black “Black Lives Matter” shirt appears at the passenger side, holding up a handgun as he moves to the front of the truck.  The man in the black shirt joins the man in the yellow shirt in pointing his weapon at the truck.


Chris “Badger” Thomas is a Veteran who served our country as an Army Combat Medic.

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