BREAKING: Patriotic Sheriff Forms “Citizens Posse” Allowing Citizens To Be Deputized To Fight Civil Unrest And Every Sheriff Should Do This NOW

OPINION by: DINO PORRAZZO at Right Wing Tribune

Ahhhhhh, Arizona, one of the last frontiers. Yeah, like many other great states they are being invaded by filthy liberals, just like Texas.


But the good news is that there are still patriotic American law enforcement officers that are dedicated to fighting crime as opposed to bending over to appease the radical leftist scumbags.


Take the Pinal County Sheriff Mark Lamb.


This man is seriously a patriot.


From KGUN News:


The Pinal County Sheriff’s Office has officially launched a new program that deputizes civilians to assist in law enforcement situations.


The program is titled “Citizens Posse.” In a press release describing its purpose, PCSO said in a hypothetical emergency situation, or times of widespread unrest, they may need assistance defending the county.


“As Sheriff of Pinal County, I am given the authority to deputize civilians to assist in law enforcement. While we hope such an action is never required, we want to make sure those willing to step into the role are trained and ready,” said Sheriff Mark Lamb.



The office said the program is open to all residents, not just those in Pinal County.


After residents have a minimal background check and sign a waiver, they will learn the basics of constitutional law, search and seizure, basic firearm safety, home safety, and the use of force before being deputized.


For more information on “Citizens Posse,” click here.


You have just got to love it!


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