OUTRAGEOUS! Black History Month Website Says White People Are ‘Genetically Defective Descendants of Albino Mutants’

I don’t think that it could be more clear that the ‘elite’ are doing everything they can to divide Americans on as many fronts as possible.

The most obvious of which are race, wealth, race, willingness to get injected with a ‘vaccine’ which skipped human trials, race, and … did I mention race?

Hussein Obama single handedly set back racism DECADES. Never forget that.

Now governments around the world are going to far as to fund propaganda which label white people as “genetically defective descendants of albino mutants”… No, seriously.


Look at this filthy GARBAGE:

Jim Hoft, founder of The Gateway Pundit commented:

As the UK celebrates its 34th year of Black History Month with a theme “Proud to Be”, a taxpayer-funded advertisement featured on a prominent website labeled white people “genetically defective descendants of albino mutants”.

The Black History Month website that called white people genetically defective mutants has since deleted its anti-white propaganda after The Telegraph contacted them for a comment. It was later discovered that the website is managed by Ian Thomas, a white man. How ironic.

The campaigners are now distancing themselves from ‘loopy’ material on the website run by the white publisher according to The Telegraph‘s investigation team.

The website has a long history of promoting provocative and racist content against white people.


The Telegraph reported:

A Black History Month website controlled by a white man featured taxpayer-funded adverts alongside claims that white people are the “genetically defective descendants of albino mutants”, a Telegraph investigation has found.

Adverts for organizations such as the police and MI6 ran alongside the anti-white propaganda, which also included the claim that a white man can “fantasize that he is genetically equal to the black male”.

The Black History Month website, which is linked to a magazine of the same name, is the first to appear in online searches for Black History Month and has included content by renowned black figures, as well as the leaders of all major political parties.


On Friday, Linda Bellos, who was instrumental in launching the Black History Month celebration in the UK in the late Eighties, compared the website’s white ownership to “enslavement”.

“The whole purpose of Black History Month is to empower us [black people] … I don’t want some white man, or even white woman, playing that role,” she said. “The taking of ideas, and indeed the taking of people, was done very successfully by the British, it is called enslavement. I am not talking about his motives, but I am talking about the outcome.”

Mr. Thomas described the Black History Month celebration as a “grassroots” organization, and his commercial website as the “glue” which had come on the back of a long history of working for racial equality.

He said that the magazine and website had an editor, who decided what goes in them, but that he proof-read pages as the magazine’s managing editor and publisher.


He admitted that some of the anti-white content highlighted by The Telegraph was “dreadful” and removed a series of articles that had pledged to “broadcast the theories” of controversial American psychiatrist Dr. Frances Cress Welsing, following her “tragic” death in 2016.

These included claims that a white man giving “gifts of chocolate candy with nuts” for Valentine’s Day can “fantasize that he is genetically equal to the black male” when their “sweetheart” eats them, and that the Holocaust was carried out “to illustrate to all non-white ethnicities that they are in peril of extermination”.

Mr. Thomas did not remove a 2020 opinion piece by the Reach Society, which said that “Europeans have been encouraged to be morally monstrous to non-Europeans for so long, this behavior has become second nature”.


They’re a really respected body and that’s their view,” he said.

Dr. Dwain Neil, the chairman of the Reach Society, also defended the piece.

How the hell did we get here?!

Screw these racist piles of GARBAGE!


This article originally appeared at THE BELTWAY REPORT.

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