JUST IN: Oregon Governor Extends State Of Emergency Until Election Day

OPINION| Although the numbers are in steady decline, Oregon Governor Kate Brown released a statement and an updated executive order on September 1st, extending the states COVID-19 State of Emergency until November 3, 2020.



“Put simply, the difficult work of controlling the statewide spread of this virus must continue and must continue to evolve as we learn more and conditions change. This emergency is not over, and neither is our emergency response.” — Gov. Brown


The executive order continues the mandates outlined in previous orders, with the exception of Executive Order 20-16 (Public Meetings and Local Government Operations). EO 20-16 is now rescinded, because the Oregon Legislative Assembly has enacted House Bill 4212, which made many of the previous temporary orders into permanent laws.


Some of these laws include phrases such as “social distancing”, virtual state government meetings, virtual media attendance of state government meetings, and vague permission for the state government to “make reasonable expenditures” until an official budget is adopted.


Eric Trump said in an interview with  Jeanine Pirro on Fox News:


“Guess what? After November 3rd, coronavirus will magically all of a sudden go away and disappear, and everyone will be able to reopen…”


Seems like he might be correct, at least in Oregon.


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