Obama’s Race Baiting, Valerie Jarrett, Blames Trump For Chaos In Minneapolis And Says He “Embraces White Supremacists”


By: Duncan Smith at The National Sentinel

Tyrants everywhere live by the creed, ‘If you tell a lie long enough, people will believe it.’

That is certainly the case with President Donald Trump and his supposed support for white supremacists.

It stems from comments the president made following deadly protests in Charlottesville, Va., in 2017, involving some neo-Nazis and white supremacists but plenty of other people who were either for or against the removal of a Confederate monument.


“There were good people on both sides,” Trump said at the time, referring specifically to the two sides that disagreed over the monument — not to the white supremacists in the crowd.

That has been proven over and over again. But race-baiting Democrats continue to push the lie that the president was, indeed, talking about white supremacists because it advances their phony narrative that he’s a bigot.

And they don’t care how wrong or divisive they are.

Former top Obama adviser Valerie Jarrett is the latest Democrat to push this hoax.


In an interview with MSBNC’s chief race-baiter, Joy Reid, Jarrett claimed that riots and looting stemming from the death of Minneapolis resident George Floyd earlier this week as he was being arrested by a white police officer is Trump’s fault because, you know, he embraces that sort of racist behavior.

Or something.

‘I want to get your comment,” Reid said in setting up Jarrett for the tee-off on the president.

“We know that during President Obama’s term, there were uprisings in Baltimore, in Ferguson, Missouri. So this is something that President Obama dealt with. How do you respond to the way the current president is handling this?’ she asked.


‘Well, first of all, tone starts at the top. If we have a president who says in the context of white supremacists and lawful demonstrators they’re good people on both sides, I don’t think we should be surprised it’s fueling anger out there,” Jarrett lied.

“But I do want to begin if the family of George Floyd who is suffering, your pain is our pain, to the families around our country today, that have black boys and men, black girls and women who have to sit down and talk to them, the talk as we all know what it means. It’s just heartbreaking,” she added.

“And people are scared, and this is a time when you really expect your government to wise up and the leaders in it to respond with core decency. When we had a demonstration, whether they were Ferguson or Baltimore, our Justice Department, was on the spot. Eric Holder went to Ferguson and met with many folks demonstrating,” said Jarrett.


There are plenty of people who think that Eric Holder is another massive race-baiter and that by going to Ferguson he only made tensions worse.

But regardless, the claim that Trump said white supremacists at Charlottesville were “good people” is a thoroughly-debunked lie that continues to be tossed about by Democrats who thrive on racial tension and division.


This article originally appeared at The National Sentinel and was republished with permission.

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