NYC Health Commissioner Doesn’t Give Two Rodents’ Rumps About Protecting Cops

By: Sarah Cowgill at Liberty Nation

New York City is not the place to be during a pandemic. Between the tap-dancing mayor and his sycophantic administration officials, the lives of eight million-plus people have been played with like an elementary school game of tetherball: The hits keep coming, but there’s no way off the rope. And the city’s health commissioner doesn’t give “two rats’ asses” for essential workers on the front lines of law and order.

Playing God, Dr. Oxiris Barbot not only refused to provide the city’s police with 500,000 masks but brushed it off with outright contempt for law enforcement. According to The New York Post – and confirmed by the city’s health department – Barbot told NYPD Chief of Department Terence Monahan: “I don’t give two rats’ asses about your cops. I need them for others.”

Hopefully, she never has to call 911 anytime soon.


In the age of political correctness, it appears law enforcement is the number one enemy of the progressive liberals ensconced in positions of authority.


Barbot Gotta Go

The call between Barbot and Monahan took place in the end of March as 4,220 cops were out sick, 570 testing positive for COVID-19, and 18 hospitalized. It was just days before the first reported death in the police department from the virus. As of this writing, 5,490 members of the NYPD have tested positive for coronavirus and 41 have lost their lives.


That’s a lot of cops who could’ve had masks as a safety precaution.


Barbot’s callous remarks has law enforcement unions and organizations demanding the woman leave her post. The Police Benevolent Association of the City of New York (NYC PBA), which represents over 50,000 active and retired New York City Police Officers, was quick to tweet:


“She should have been fired the moment she uttered those words. She *MUST* resign or be fired immediately now.”



New York City’s Sergeants Benevolent Association president Ed Mullins took it one step further releasing a statement that included, “I am not surprised by such vile words coming from an appointee of Mayor DeBlasio whose disdain for law enforcement is legendary.”


Of course, with yet another optics nightmare for NYC to contend with, and only because Barbot’s statement was made public, she managed to eek out a non-apology apology – blaming her words on a “heat of the moment” discussion. Sure. If that was the case, she would’ve apologized immediately post “rats’ asses” remark to Monahan.


Maybe De Blasio Needs To Go

Mayor Bill de Blasio seems to lack the necessary skill set to manage a city the size and stature of New York. Is he careening toward a 1970s and 80s version of this city that Mayor Rudy Giuliani and others cleaned up and breathed life into? From day one of the COVID-19 scare, he has been at odds with his governor, defied orders and demanded people visit Asian-American businesses, all with an apple-polishing array of appointees to do his bidding.

Remember when Deputy Mayor for Health and Human Services Dr. Raul Perea-Henze, confidently blathered in February:


“As the world grapples with coronavirus, the DeBlasio administration is waging the battle with facts, not fear. Thanks to the work of our agencies, New York City is prepared for coronavirus and open for business.”

Closed. Indefinitely. Poor judgment supported by progressive lackeys that don’t care for law enforcement and aren’t afraid to push their agenda and their limited authority upon the folks on the front lines. This is a shame. This country’s most populous metropolis, the epicenter of the virulent invisible bug, should have been the model for the rest of the nation to follow. Turns out, we should’ve looked to Sweden instead.


This article originally appeared at Liberty Nation and was republished with permission.

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